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Modcast Construction

General construction and building of new houses, granny flats, additions, factories, town houses, developments We offer a complete service from plan drawing and submission to council, the complete construction process...

Painting & Renovations Samtel Porcupine

Specialising in Painting&Decor,Skylights Repairs,Waterproofing,Pavement installation,Plumbing Roofing, Tiling,Ceiling, Dry Walling, Door Hanging, Kitchen Cupboards,Blinds, Shelving, Cornices, Building Work, welding,Handyman services,Granite Installation,Gate motor,CCTV installation,Renovations ,Tar resurfacing , Roads markings etc. We work...

Dalapros Maintenance

Dalapros Maintenance is focused on one thing: consistent delivery of superior customer service. Its that simple. Whatever your home improvement project whether you need something installed, built, repaired or maintained...

Aiming Projects & Electrical

Aiming projects is an intercontinental and national accredited building maintenance, renovations and electrical contracting company based in Tshwane, founded in 2012. Aiming projects is known for working hard for our...

Chipo Construction

We Specialize In: - rendering and resurfacing ; - Tarring; - Paving; - Driveways; - Road Marking and more.

Fix A Bath

We transform baths, tiles and household surfaces in your home. No mess, no fuss, quick and easy! Over 17 years of experience in the industry. Ordinary surfaces can be transformed...

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How can a rendering and resurfacing specialist help me?

No building is immune to wear and tear, and over the years cracks and weaknesses will begin to appear which will affect the overall integrity and general appearance of the building itself. In South Africa, we have extremes of temperature in some areas which place strain on the exterior walls, making them more vulnerable to damage and damp. If your home, commercial or corporate premises are showing signs of deterioration or simply look worn-out and unsightly, act quickly and sort the problem out before it becomes a major issue.

Perhaps it is simply a matter of cosmetic resurfacing of exterior or interior walls, either to add a textured element to certain walls or to smooth walls which have suffered too many knocks, nail holes and patchwork over the years. This is where the services of a rendering and resurfacing specialist are needed.

What is rendering and resurfacing?

Rendering and resurfacing refers to the process of applying a cement mixture, usually to external walls, in order to achieve either a smooth or textured surface. According to Wikipedia, “Render may be fine or coarse, textured or smooth, natural or coloured, pigmented or painted.” It is comparable in technique to interior wall plastering and uses a similar mix of sand, cement and water, but also includes lime which adds elasticity and therefore makes it less prone to shrinkage, cracking and splitting after it dries. Render is applied in very thin layers, using items such as a trowel (as in plastering), a brush, a hessian bag or a sponge, particularly in cases where a textured effect is required. The process may consist of a number of different layers, with the finish becoming smoother and finer with each layer.

Render provides an additional element of protection

Modern render mixtures may include acrylic products, minerals, silicone and polymers. The addition of polymers to the mix increases water resistance, flexibility and adhesion, whilst acrylic renders have superior water resistance and strength. Render is therefore particularly effective in adding a further element of protection against water and damp, and also provides a measure of heat and sound insulation.

Whilst face-brick buildings are attractive and blend in well with their surroundings, the glaze or covering of the bricks themselves eventually erodes and becomes vulnerable to damp conditions and, in time, may need the additional protection that render can provide. Signs of this may be seen when efflorescence occurs as the minerals inside the bricks start to seep out and stain the exterior walls. Another worrying fact is that the mortar between the bricks will begin to crumble over time and allow water and damp penetration into the structure.

Rendering can be used for decorative purposes

In the days when texture was all the rage, many houses had interior or exterior walls which were specifically roughened to the touch. In the United Kingdom, many houses were covered in the once-popular ‘pebble-dash’ after the Second World War, aimed primarily at covering up inferior building surfaces but which has since fallen into disuse. Resurfacing or rendering can cover and smooth surfaces such as these, adding more modern and cleaner lines to a building and bringing it back up to date. Conversely, if you want to add decorative or more rustic elements to a building, render is one of the best ways to do so. Render can also be used to cover old vibracrete or concrete slab walls which are still foundationally solid in order to add a more modern appearance to the walls.

How to find the right rendering and resurfacing specialist for your needs

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Rendering and resurfacing specialists form part of the building trade as a whole, and often work closely with builders and renovators. They also work independently, and are slowly starting to showcase their work over the internet. If you are searching online for such a specialist, Uptasker will really save you time and effort. Uptasker provides listings in geographical areas as well as online ratings and customer reviews, and one-click links to service suppliers’ websites where possible. The advantage here is also being able to obtain quotations from different suppliers for the same job, so you can be sure of getting the best price. You can also find these specialists through newspaper advertisements, building and home magazines, home expos and the Yellow Pages.

Top rendering and resurfacing specialist tips

Top rendering and resurfacing specialist tips

As with plastering, rendering and resurfacing is a specialized art which demands skill, experience, training and professional knowledge. Whether you are looking for a solution to a more serious problem which could ultimately affect the structure of your building, or simply want to update the appearance of your premises or add a more rustic effect, a rendering and resurfacing specialist is your answer. For more tips, see our rendering and resurfacing specialists’ articles.

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Clevmunashy Construction And Civils

Clevmunashy construction and civils We pride ourselves in offering the best quality Tarmac surfacing projects to all our Clients.Our areas of Expertise are Driveway construction,Road Surfacing,Industrial Loading and Driveway areas,Resurfacing...

Intellect Road Works

Intellect Road Works [Proudly Intellect Africa Group (Pty) Ltd] is a road construction company based in Johannesburg, offering services to both the private and public sector. We specialize in tar...

Baxter Van Civil

Baxter Van Civil was established in 2014 and currently is within its 2nd year of operation. There are currently seven well trained and experienced staff members employed within the company....

Shield Waterproofing And Painting

Shield Waterproofing And Painting is a trusted service provider to a broad range of waterproofing systems to both residential and commercial clients.We deliver fast and high quality maintenance and repair...

Elb Contractors

OVERVIEW OF SERVICES Small building projects | Renovations and extensions to existing structures | Upgrading of bathrooms and kitchens | Complete kitchen upgrades including all woodwork | Building and installation...

Tembcoat Projects

With years of industry knowledge and expertise you can rest assured that your project will be completed to the highest standards.We pride ourselves on understanding the needs of our clients...

Thopatra Trading & Projects

Thopatra Trading & Projects was established in 2007 and currently is within its 9th year of operation. There are currently twenty five well trained and experienced staff members employed within...

Hot Pot Paints And Alluminium

We are suppliers of Painting material and aluminium and glass architectural products, we have success of reliable supplier of quality ready to install, finished products at a competitive prices, We...

Tarmac Driveways

Tarmac Driveways was established in 2010 and currently is within its 6th year of operation. There are currently eight well trained and experienced staff members employed within the company. Tarmac...

Flag House

Berea KZN
Flag House was established in 2011 and currently is within its 5th year of operation. There are currently eleven well trained and experienced staff members employed within the company. Flag...

Tar Surfacing And Projects

Tar Surfacing and Projects was established in 2009 and currently is within its 7th year of operation. There are currently ten well trained and experienced staff members employed within the...

Gomba Tar Projects

Gomba Tar Projects was established in 2011 and currently is within its 6th year of operation. There are currently thirteen well trained and experienced staff members employed within the company....