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Greg Benn Contractors

Maitland, Cape Town, WC (4.7km from Goodwood Estate)
GBC has been in operation since 1991. We specialise in turnkey office, industrial, retail & leisure construction projects. Our personal supervision to achieve high quality, is the backbone of our marketing strategy and company ethos. Over 90% of our business is repeat or referrals demonstrating our commitment to quality and reliability. We have been registered members of the Master Builders Association (MBA) since 1999 and are registered with the Building Industry Bargaining Council (BIBC) as well as The Federated Employers’ Mutual Assurance Company and Contractors All Risks Insurance (R10 million). These memberships ensure that our practices are best in industry...

ZAN Plasterers

Balvenie, Cape Town, WC (5.3km from Goodwood Estate)
Our services includes: Painting, Waterproofing, Plastering, Bricklaying, Roofing, repairs and many more. Malls, factories, houses, complexes, etc. We in this business for more than 10 years…with satisfactory results. We have a great team. You welcome to contact us, anytime.

Good Hope Construction

Parow Valley, Cape Town, WC (5.7km from Goodwood Estate)
There are three crucial ingredients to making a successful construction company in the development industry; experience, management and opportunity. Good Hope Construction has, without a doubt, accumulated a wealth of experience over the years; this experience has also taught us good construction management skills. Opportunity, our outstanding ingredient, is something we grab with both hands whenever it presents itself – which is often, given that we dominate the market in both construction management skills and experience. Good Hope Construction has not only survived but thrived in the industry for thirty years, despite the challenges sometimes posed by the economy. We...

Osman's Paving

Rylands, Cape Town, WC (7km from Goodwood Estate)
Services ✔ plastering contractors ✔ paving contractors

Meezaan Building Services

Ndabeni, Cape Town, WC (7.2km from Goodwood Estate)
At Meezaan Building Services we offer our valued client expert and complete building solutions to meet your residential building needs. Our capabilities include an extensive range of services available to all within the building trade. Some of our Turn-key projects include drawing up plans and getting them approved by the town council and receive the engineers certificate on completion. We have everything covered under one roof from laying foundations to brick work, plumbing and ceiling installation as well as cluster and residential flat development. You need not waste any effort in sourcing different contractors as we cover everything. Please feel...

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When would I need plastering specialist?

A plastering specialist is the person you need when the plastered walls, floors or ceilings in your home, office or business premises are showing signs of wear and damage, or you have new walls, both interior and exterior, which need to be plastered. A plastering specialist works with various types of plaster or cement, according to the needs of the job. He is the person to call when restoration work requires the matching of existing plaster patterning or ornamental plasterwork is in need of repair.

What can a plastering specialist help with?

Plastering ceilings and high walls

A plastering specialist is responsible for the preparation and application of plaster or cement to any appropriate surface, with either smooth or patterned finishes. His duties include the filling of cracks and holes, ensuring a smooth and invisible transition from the repaired area to the existing surrounding surface. A skilled and experienced plastering specialist will ensure that smooth wall surfaces are free of ridges, bumps or obvious uneven patches. Where patterned surfaces are required, the plastering specialist will ensure that the pattern he creates is continuous and error-free, and will match existing patterns as far as possible in repair jobs. He is responsible for the erection of appropriate scaffolding when plastering ceilings and high walls, as well as the required protective covering of existing structures such as doors, windows, counter tops and floors during the plastering process so that wet plaster does not fall on them and harden.

Mix plastering materials correctly

The work of a plastering specialist is one which requires skill, dexterity, speed and a steady hand, as well as good visual assessment of the surface after completing the job at hand. There is nothing more annoying than a wall which shows clear evidence of careless workmanship in the evenness and smoothness of the surface, or the evidence of a poorly matched repair in patterned plasterwork. The plastering specialist has to be able to mix his materials correctly, as well as calculate how much plaster or cement will be required, all of which will affect the budget required for the particular job.

A skilled and experienced plastering specialist may be employed to work on the restoration of historical buildings, which is a job requiring a high measure of artistic input, as this may require using moulds to create ornamental plasterwork.

Merging walls

Where semi-permanent plasterboard or drywall internal floor to ceiling partitions are erected to divide large open spaces, such as in office buildings where the layout may change fairly frequently according to the client’s needs, a plastering specialist is often called in to ensure that the new walls merge seamlessly with existing walls.

Swimming pool plastering

Get a quote from a swimming pool plastering specialist if your swimming pool has cracks and leaks, or is in need of refurbishment. It is possible to repair or refurbish a leaking pool without losing the water it contains, as your specialist company may be able to offer you water storage facilities for the duration of the work. Be aware that a specialised pool plaster is required for such jobs, as it should be proven to withstand cracking and stretching due to changes in temperature, as well as colour fading.

How to find the right plastering specialist

Check their online ratings and customer plastering reviews

Plasterers or plastering specialists are easily found through their ongoing advertising presence. You will find them listed in newspapers, home catalogues, the Yellow Pages of the telephone directory, and more frequently, online. Uptasker is a great resource for finding the right plastering specialist in your geographical area, and you will be able to check their online reviews at the same time, which is extremely useful. Word of mouth referrals are always preferable, but if this is not possible, then make sure you check testimonials provided by previous clients. You should always check quality of work, range of services offered, experience and adherence to budget and time constraints.

Top plastering tips

Top plastering tips

The appearance of your home, office or business is important to you, but all the careful decorating and furnishings in the world will not detract from poor plastering workmanship, which always seems to attract unwanted attention. Hire the best plastering specialist you can afford and do not cut corners when it comes to this essential aspect of finishing work, and you will enjoy top class results for many years to come. For more tips, see our plastering specialist articles.

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