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Kirito Pty Ltd

We a Construction that provides and delivers all construction and maintenance work. Such as: Building Steel Work Fencing Plumbing Maintenance Work Paving


PavingSA provides the highest gaurenteed quality service with over 30 years of experience throughout the paving industry, whereby we supply and install all different types of paving products, colors, patterns...

Pristine Civils

We offer services in the following Paving Tar surfacing Asphalt driveways Asphalt parking areas Asphalt pavements Artificial lawns Retaining walls Our services are of high quality and satisfaction guaranteed.

H-tee Construction

We specialise in Supply and Installation of Paving or Asphalt (Tar) * Cobblestone Paving * Interlocking Paving * Paving Slabs * Kerbs/Channels * Premix (Tar) New or Existing areas: Driveways/Walkways/Parking...

Vongo Cobble & Cladding

Services ✔ paving bricks & slabs ✔ coloured paving ✔ manufacturers ✔ tiles ✔ deposits ✔ bricks paving

Curtain Boutique

Margate KZN
Future Rustic Construction is located Margate, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. We pride ourselves on being one of the well established construction company that has been offering the best service since...

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What can a paving specialist help with?

Paving is an essential part of our lives which we often take for granted. We walk and often drive on paved surfaces, whether outside our own homes or when on public, commercial or industrial properties. Areas such as paths, driveways, parking bays, pavements, pool surrounds and entertainment spaces are all dependent upon paving to some extent. Paving is an external surround to buildings which provides practical applications, durability and visual appeal.

Why hire a paving specialist?

A paving specialist is expert in the laying of various outdoor paving materials in the commercial, industrial and residential spheres. He is experienced and skilled in the preparation of the area to be paved as well as the design and laying of the pavers. A paving specialist will be able to advise you on the best material to use for your intended paving project. His knowledge is vital in creating paved areas which will be mostly maintenance-free and last for many years. He will create the design of the area to be paved which will complement the style and age of your home and garden, whilst still being practical for everyday use. In commercial, public and larger private estates, the paving specialist is the expert tasked with creating the outer surrounds according to the plans and vision of the architects.

There are various types of material used for paving, including clay and concrete bricks. There are, in addition, paving stones made to resemble normal building bricks, larger flagstone pavers which are either square or rectangular in shape and used in differing combinations to provide unique patterns from the same materials. Flagstone pavers are very decorative since none of them are identical in appearance and are therefore used to highlight certain areas such as pools, entertainment areas, patios, balconies or entrance ways.

A less uniform and highly individual look may be achieved using multi paving, which combines pavers of light and dark colours to produce an overall mottled appearance which is both attractive and practical on driveways where oil spills would otherwise spoil the appearance of uniform light-coloured paving. There are pavers which are designed to fit or lock into one another, and appropriately called ‘interlocking’ pavers. Steep slopes are often paved to prevent soil erosion, and interlocking pavers are an ideal choice in these areas due to their tight fit and ability to withstand strong water flows.

Within the residential sphere, paving specialists are most often employed to design and lay driveways, parking areas and entrance approaches. Their skills and experience take into account the weights to be placed on the area, ensuring practicality and durability of both design and materials used. They are also invaluable in creating swimming pool surrounds which are safe, practical and eye-catching.

Paving stones may also be used in vertical applications, such as a feature wall in the garden, often with a built-in water-feature which may form part of a swimming pool design, or enhancing a wall in an outside braai area. Whilst a bricklayer is able to build such features, his building material is mainly bricks, but it falls to the paving specialist to advise and create a design using pavers which is unique, eye-catching and durable.

Finding the right paving specialist

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Many paving specialists will advertise their services and particular areas of expertise, generally with photographs of their previous work freely available. Whilst these companies or individuals will nearly always back up their workmanship with guarantees, it is always advisable to check their online reviews through Uptasker as well. Companies which go the extra mile will draw 5-star reviews which will give you peace of mind when choosing a particular paving specialist, especially for very large projects. You want to know that the job will be completed on-time, within budget and to a professional standard.

Top paving tips

Top paving tips

Never employ an unqualified or inexperienced worker to undertake your paving project. Only specialists in this field will be able to guide you professionally on the choice of paving materials to suit the project, assist with the design and carry out the job as required. The paving specialist will ensure that you add value and appeal to your business or residential property which will last for many years. For more tips see our paving specialist articles.

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Rard Projects

Rard Projects provides patio paving services in Johannesburg, Gauteng and surrounding suburbs.

Rard Projects

Rard Projects provides patio paving services in Johannesburg, Gauteng and surrounding suburbs.

Passmore Paving

Services ✔ paving contractors

3D Rock KZN

Pinetown KZN
Services ✔ paving bricks & slabs ✔ cladding ✔ cobbles ✔ paving ✔ tiles

Fullgrip Paving

Pinetown KZN
Services ✔ paving contractors

Good Paving

Services ✔ paving contractors

Fem Construction

We offer these services Paving We do all kinds of paving We supply and install Tar surfacing Road Speed humps Road markings Drive ways

Ascot Paving Contractors

Services ✔ paving contractors

Sykes Paving

Services ✔ paving ✔ building contractors ✔ building renovations

Heritage Paving

Services - paving

Weathered Rock Paving

Margate KZN
Services ✔ paving

Aquatar Projects

Durban KZN
Services ✔ paving contractors