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Midrand GP
Interlock Bricks,Bevel bricks supplies and installation

We do paving installation and repairs

We specialise in NEW SURFACING and RESURFACING of tar for driveways, parking bays,and Private roads as well as POTHOLES. We also do earthworks,kerbs and priming. PAVING:We specialize in paving of...

I do paving i am professional in what ever i am instracted to install paving i do all typs of paving .

We manufacture precast walls(slabs and poles) and pavement slabs at the affordable prices,We also provide plastering,tiling and painting around Gauteng province.

Vincent Paving Service provides patio paving services in Johannesburg, Gauteng and surrounding suburbs.

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I want to revamp my patio flooring. Will a patio paving specialist help me?

As living spaces are becoming more compact and functional, South Africans are extending their leisure and entertainment spaces into the outdoor areas of their homes by using their patios as natural extensions of their homes. A patio becomes an effective bridge between one’s indoor and outdoor spaces and a natural extension of one’s home, just as stylish and comfortable as the home’s interior, so making the most of this space is an important element. But if your patio flooring is looking tired or faded, is cracked or even collapsing in places, it makes sense to call in a Patio Paving Specialist to relay the flooring and upgrade the area to something both enjoyable and functional. 

Why would one spend money on refurbishing or building a patio?

A patio offers infinite potential, no matter the size. Even a very small patio need not be short on style or usefulness. The floor covering forms a major part of the usefulness and appeal of a patio, whether you are aiming for a rustic, country appeal or something sleeker and more modern, or even if you are hoping to divide the patio into specific areas, such as a cooking/dining space and a separate lounge area, even perhaps separating the adult sitting space from young children’s play areas. The possibilities are endless.

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Your needs and aesthetics will dictate the appearance of your patio. Perhaps you are looking for a cozy atmosphere with a darker and more intimate surround, or a light and bright area which provides an impression of space and openness. This will determine the material used in the flooring. Whilst stone patio pavers are the easiest to install and maintain, the design is open to many interpretations.

For instance, choices include natural substrates such as limestone, concrete, porcelain or even marble, or those which have been manually enhanced with additions such as stone or glass chips to reflect the light and offer an interesting viewpoint. Ready-made pavers come in different shapes and sizes, which can be laid uniformly or mixed in a variety of ways to provide an eye-catching design. Mixing sizes and shapes in either the same or differing materials offers so much design freedom and opens many possibilities. A word of caution though – ask the Patio Paving Specialist for his recommendations and advice first as some materials degrade faster than others, whilst suitability for the purpose is also extremely important. A highly polished and slippery surface such as marble would not be a good option near an area where wet feet walk, such as near an outdoor spa or a small plunge or splash pool, due to the obvious risk involved. Similarly, a highly porous material would not be a good option in an area where outdoor cooking is going to be part of the main function of the patio.
A Patio Paving Specialist has the experience, knowledge of materials and ability to design a bespoke paved area which is unique to you and your needs. 

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Checking Uptasker’s website is one of the fastest and most convenient ways of finding the right supplier for your needs, as it is probably the only nationwide search site which lists suppliers in geographical locations according to category. Because it is always a wise decision to thoroughly research an intended supplier’s previous track record and experience, looking at their online portfolio and website, as well as checking their customer reviews and ratings, Uptasker has the option of ‘one-click’ links to listed suppliers’ websites, if available. Previous customers can post their reviews and ratings online, which is an extremely convenient method of checking the workmanship, professionalism and delivery service of any supplier. This is also a bonus for any supplier with a solid reputation who guarantees his work, whilst giving you peace of mind. You can always go the long route and check magazines and the Yellow Pages, but you will not have the instant results that Uptasker provides so easily.



Top patio paving specialist tips

Top patio paving specialist tips

South Africa enjoys some of the best weather in the world, and it makes sense to make the most of the time we have available to spend outdoors, even whilst we are at home. Patios offer a wonderful outdoor alternative where one can relax, braai in summer, entertain and enjoy the sunshine. During the colder autumn and winter months, outdoor heaters and fire pits allow for an extended outdoor experience – provided the weather is dry, of course! By using the experience and expertise of a patio paving specialist, you can create a patio which is suitable for all occasions and weather conditions, with a floor equal to anything which might be expected of it. Be it bricks or pavers, laid expertly in a design which suits the aesthetics of the house itself and will add beauty and value to your home in the long-term, using a patio paving specialist will give you peace of mind that the work is done expertly and will suit your individual needs.

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We team of professional to trades

Proskim Construction is a registered and licensed company. we have been in existence in the building industry for many, many years.We always strive to be the employer of choice. And...

Soweto GP
Paving bricks manufacturing and supplies Contact: 073 450 2841 Mon to Friday 9am to 4pm

We are a great service provider with contactable refrences...

LOOK NO FURTHER! Nova*Tech (Pty Ltd)-083 685 6093.A group of Qualified Technicians and Electrician, We do repairs,services and installations TO: Fridges...Washing machines...Oven....Dish washers...Geysers...Air conditioning and Electrical faults. WE CERTIFIED DURING...

Paving Wall cladding Floor Tiling Wall painting

We are located in the heart of Cape Town, Bluewater Paving and Landscaping Contractors has been delivering affordable and high-quality brick paving for over 15 years. We have long-serving, trustworthy...

We do Plumbing. Paving Roof painting House painting Unblocking drains

Realvibe pool specialists is a growing business that looks into the perfect of our clients needs. We do quality not quantity. Let us improve your lifestyle!

We specializes in. tar surfacing driveways parking areas walk ways complex & yards speed humps potholes & repairs carports brick paving kerbs & edgings road markings re surfacing etc rubble...

Giyani LP
Buliding home ,house estate and mall etc Decking Roofing Painting Plasting Plambing and wiring Ceiling and tiles Progolas and lapas Paving Renovation

Hi there. We specialize in doing floor and wall tiling works around cape town @ affordable price for more information call us /WhatsApp knowledge @0670737107 The is other services below...