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How can an office moving and installation specialist help me?

Whilst a business may be a lasting operation which continues for many years, and sometimes even for generations, it is often the case that the physical location of the business changes over the years. This could be due to any number of reasons such as increasing or decreasing staff and machinery needs, relocation to another town or province, lease terminations, or being in the fortunate position of moving into custom-built premises as the business grows. Physically moving the contents of a business office is a time consuming, tiring and often fairly dirty process, and often well beyond the lifting and moving capabilities of the staff. This is where an office moving company will step in, making the move as effortless and efficient as possible, enabling the business to resume normal operations quickly and with the minimum of disruption.

What exactly does an office moving and installation specialist do?

An office moving and installation company specialises in the removal of furniture, plants, paperwork, office equipment and machinery. To minimise disruption and to help keep paperwork in order, the company may provide the business to be relocated with cartons in which confidential files and paperwork can be packed by the staff and sealed prior to removal. Office moving specialists will securely wrap glass, artworks, freestanding cabinets with glazing, and very delicate and breakable items so that they are not damaged during the move, as well as protecting furniture from scratches and other damage whilst in transit. Boxes and cartons may be labelled with colour codes for each specific area or office to ensure that they are delivered on site to the right point in the new location. We all know the speed with which boxes are offloaded at the new premises, and employees may not be able to direct each individual box to its correct location accurately, particularly if there are a large number of boxes and receiving staff do not know their contents at a glance without such colour labels. Large or awkwardly designed furniture which has had to be taken apart due to problems with getting it through narrow doorways or stairways or because of weight issues, will be re-assembled at the new premises and placed in the correct position in the offices.

A large part of their responsibility includes the removal of all packing material and boxes when they depart, relieving the office staff of having to dispose of bulky boxes and papers immediately after the move.

Dismantling and re-assembly of office equipment

Office equipment such as printers, photocopiers and computers are all delicate machines and require careful handling. For this reason, the removalist may construct custom-made cartons to house this equipment for additional protection and to offer supplementary buffers against mechanical derangement during the move. Specialists are trained to dismantle machines on site and re-assemble them once in position at the new site. If provided with a detailed floor plan of the new premises, these specialists will ensure that there are no problems in delivering the equipment and machines to exactly the right place in the new offices.

How to find the right office moving and installation specialists

Check their online ratings and customer reviews

Since many residential removal companies also specialise in office removals, they may be found through advertisements in home magazines, home catalogues, home expos, newspapers, flyers and the Yellow Pages. Internet search sites such as Uptasker also list the names of these companies. Uptasker itself is an extremely helpful resource when searching the internet for the right specialist, providing the names, contact details, links to websites (if available), online rating and customer reviews of the office removal and installation specialists in your geographical area. An additional bonus is being able to request quotes from different companies for comparison. If at all possible, try to obtain word of mouth referrals for really honest customer reviews and feedback on reliability, adherence to time and budget constraints, delivery service and whether all equipment and machinery arrived safely and was installed in working order in the new premises, personal service and advice.

Top office moving and installation specialists tips

Top office moving and installation specialists tips

Office moving and installation companies are highly trained, knowledgeable and experienced specialists who carry a high degree of responsibility when it comes to moving equipment, machinery, furniture and confidential records from one location to another. Rather than trying to accomplish this task with a removal company which does not specialise in office removals, leave this to a company which has experience and knowledge in such moves, and thereby minimise the inevitable disruption and possible mechanical derangement of office equipment and machines. For more tips, see our office moving and installation specialist articles.

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