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Why do children find jumping castles so irresistible?

Inflatable jumping castles or ‘bouncy castles’ have always been popular with children. Perhaps it is the bounciness or sense of security which they hold which appeals to small children. The ability to jump, sit and bounce, roll around and harmlessly rebound off soft walls is a powerful attraction to those whose life revolves around constant movement. These castles can be used as a very ‘tame’ sort of trampoline, although this is not their prime function. Jumping castles are, quite simply, fun. Add a few friends and an adult supervisor to make sure that things don’t get a little too exuberant and your children can be guaranteed hours of enjoyment. 

Got a children’s party scheduled and need to entertain the guests?

Children’s parties are not always the easiest functions when it comes to keeping everyone safely and happily occupied for a few hours. Children can become bored very easily and this can lead to kids who become fractious, irritable, sulky or simply choose to misbehave to gain attention. It is quite understandable, as children have a fairly short attention span and most of them require different playtime activities to keep them interested. Even the most exciting activity will only hold their attention for a short period if they are not actively involved. Watching a magician, for instance, will be entrancing to a child – for a short while. Children love being involved in games and activities and using their energies to entertain themselves. Jumping castles and water slides are a wonderful way of keeping them amused and occupied in a secure and controlled environment.

Are jumping castles 100% safe to use?

It would be fair to say that no physical activity is ever 100% safe, as there is always risk involved to some degree. Jumping castles are, sadly, no exception. Unless there is an adult keeping an eye over the activities, children can become over-excited and this could lead to squabbles and arguments. Although the walls of jumping castles are relatively soft and pliable, it is still possible to fall awkwardly and sprain a wrist or an ankle. Care also has to be taken to ensure that children do not jump too close to the entrance to the castle and possibly land on the outside of the structure. For added safety, soft mats should be placed at the entrance. Children should not be allowed to climb on or jump off the outside of the castle. It is also preferable if shoes and sharp objects such as belt buckles are removed by those playing within the castle. 

Is it possible for jumping castles to collapse whilst in use?

If you hire a jumping castle from a reputable specialist, you can be assured that all the necessary care will be taken to ensure that the structure is as safe as possible. A system of continuous air flow is used to keep them inflated and air is able to seep through the seams, which ensures that the pressure within the walls is kept at a continuous stable pressure. The likelihood of over-inflation is minimised, and air-pressure increase in hot weather and subsequent explosion of the structure will not become a worrying factor. The specialist who sets up the castle will ensure that the correct pressures are set from the outset and that the whole structure is stable and correctly installed. In areas where there are high winds, even if the jumping castle is secured to the ground, it is generally not advised to erect them in winds of more than 38 km per hour, although this will depend on the site and the advice of the supplier. As a general rule, jumping castles are not usually erected on concrete bases as grass is the preferred base, which also makes it much easier to secure them to the ground if necessary. Jumping castles can also be set up indoors, in which case sandbags may be used to stabilise them.

How to find the right jumping castle hire specialist for your needs

Check their online ratings and customer reviews

Jumping castles are extremely popular entertainment choices for children’s parties. Because they take up a fair amount of space in small areas and require a continuous input of pressurised incoming air to maintain their shape and integrity, these structures are not usually installed as permanent structures in any residential garden. This is why there is a need for jumping castle specialist hire services. These specialists are also responsible for the overall safety of the apparatus, which is an added level of safety. You will find adverts in many house and home magazines, in newspapers and the Yellow Pages and through party hire companies. These specialists are also taking advantage of the internet to advertise their services. If you are using the internet, your best option would be to use a search site such as Uptasker, which is extremely useful in that this site lists in geographical locations, making it easier to find a supplier in your immediate area. Uptasker also provides online ratings and customer reviews, which will give you peace of mind as to the service and safety levels of any supplier you choose. An added advantage offered by Uptasker is the ability to obtain comparative quotes from various local suppliers without having to leave your home.

Top jumping castle hire specialist tips

Top jumping castle hire specialist tips

When it comes to the safety of your - and others’ - children, you definitely do not want to take chances. As an entertainment option for a children’s party, jumping castles can provide hours of safe fun and entertainment, as long as there is a responsible and careful adult in attendance at all times. Bear in mind that children are notorious for ‘pushing the limits’ in their games, and it is necessary to ensure that jumping castles are used correctly, which means no climbing on the structure and jumping from the top onto the ground. Also check that your hire specialist comes with good recommendations insofar as the safety and correct placement of the structure is concerned. Handing over to a reputable hire specialist will make for a far more relaxing afternoon for the party’s adult host as well as ensuring the safety of everyone who plays in the jumping castle. For more tips, see our jumping castle hire specialist articles.

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