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Western Cape Blasting And Coating Services

Services: sand blasting, coating services, blasting services, industrial maintenance, blasting

WG Dixon Pty Ltd

Services: electricians, electrical contractors, electrical maintenance, electrical installation, electrical contracting, electrical engineering, electrical engineers, energy saving solutions, electrical engineering services, electrical engineers services, power factor correction systems, industrial maintenance, plant...

Vertical Security Solutions

Vertical Security Solutions provides industrial installation & maintenance services in Fourways, Gauteng and surrounding suburbs.

Jansensfarming Agriculture Women Empowerment

Jansensfarming Agriculture Women Empowerment provides industrial installation & maintenance services in Mcgregor, Western Cape and surrounding suburbs.

TOTAL TOOLS South Africa

Welcome to TOTAL Tools South Africa Your One Stop Tools Station

Sino Cement Spare Parts Supplier Co Ltd

Sino Cement Spare Parts Supplier Co.,Ltd is a professional provider for spare parts for cement plant industry for many years. We offer the most ecomomic and effective solution regularly for...

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How can an industrial installation and maintenance specialist help me?

Industrial operations are, often necessarily, large undertakings. Industry is the backbone of the oil, energy and environmental sectors, as well as the manufacturing arena. It also supports the health and agricultural sectors. Industrial needs require machinery and its associated on-going maintenance in order to keep those machines running smoothly. Before you even get to this point, there is the question of installation of those machines, including correct placement, levelling, pipework, soundproofing, electrical supply, air circulation, to name just a few factors, and which involve multidisciplinary skills in the electrical, electronic, engineering, mechanical and instrumentation fields. This is where an industrial installation and maintenance specialist is called for.

What exactly does an industrial installation and maintenance specialist do?

An industrial installation and maintenance specialist is responsible for many facets surrounding industry, from mechanical, engineering, electrical, electronic, instrumentation and control installations. They are responsible, amongst other aspects, for the installation of pumps, turbines, heat exchangers, motors, controllers and similar equipment, as well as maintenance of such equipment to keep it running at peak performance levels. Their work involves aspects such as :

  • co-ordinating the needs, purpose and layout of new industrial premises;
  • plant reconstructions, upgrades and modernisations;
  • 3-phase electrical supply installation, repair and maintenance;
  • plant and component maintenance, conversion and upgrading;
  • streamlining systems in factories/plants to obtain optimisation of output;
  • general electrical and mechanical repairs and maintenance;
  • periodic inspections, testing and condition reports on equipment;
  • spares, component repairs and replacements;
  • plant inspections, status analyses and feasibility studies;
  • risk and safety analyses and problem analyses for steelworks, pipelines, mechanical components, control instruments, automation and technology relating to safety;
  • industrial waste heat plants;
  • safe disposal of hazardous waste products;
  • installation, maintenance and repairs to geared motors;
  • fabrication of mechanical, electrical and automation systems, components and spares;
  • interdisciplinary plant installations;
  • planning and/or implementing environmental protection measures;
  • complete project management, documentary and project reports; 
  • carrying out all acceptance and function tests;
  • ensuring adherence to relevant legislation and safety regulations.

How to find the right industrial installation and maintenance specialist for your needs

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Due to the level and range of responsibilities covered by these specialists, they are not very easily located. Fortunately, the internet will prove a great help, especially if you use a search site such as Uptasker. This site is extremely useful for a number of reasons. It provides search results in specific geographical locations, which narrows the search time considerably. It also provides online ratings and customer reviews which give you a clear insight into the level of service any specialist provides. After all is said and done, no service provider is the same as another, as each has its own particular knowledge and experience base and not every company will suit your needs. Uptasker also provides ‘one-click’ links to listed suppliers’ websites, if available, which is a great convenience factor, as it allows you to locate the suppliers which are most closely suited to your needs. You can also check for their advertisements in engineering, industrial and other specialist magazines or the ever-useful Yellow Pages.

Top industrial installation and maintenance specialists tips

Top industrial installation and maintenance specialists tips

Manufacturing and industry are amongst the most important activities which keep society functioning on its most practical level. Setting up a factory or industrial premises is not an easy task, and the more complex the machinery and systems involved, the more planning and maintenance is required. Installing  industrial machinery and its allied equipment, together with supporting systems, often involves the services of different sectors, such as electrical, mechanical and electronics engineers, all of whom have to form a co-ordinated and integrated team to create a single result. For more tips, see our industrial installation and maintenance specialist articles.

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Irene Strategic Projects

Whilst we have become more known for our outstanding carpentry work ranging from Decking, Patios, Kitchen and Bedroom Built-in cabinets, Upholstered works, and Wooden flooring, we have become a company...

Kirito Pty Ltd

We a Construction that provides and delivers all construction and maintenance work. Such as: Building Steel Work Fencing Plumbing Maintenance Work Paving

Silvatech Electrical Services

Services: electrical services, cable laying, thermal imaging, industrial maintenance

Big Five Construction And Maintenance

Nigel GP
We do all industrial maintenance big or small. We also do domestic building alterations. We have a wide range of equipment like TLB, loaders, excavators and dump trucks for hire

Wrench Engineering

Wrench Projects is an Engineering, Construction and Maintenance Company that specialises in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering fields.

FIXITT -glass & Aluminium

24 hr On-Site- Service & Repair to Broken Glass/ Windows/ Stuck Sliding Doors/ Hinge & Handle problem/ Doors not locking/ Peeling Tint/ Sandblasting/ etc. Manufacturing Aluminium windows frames/ doors/ enclosures/...

Wenzhou Unique Valve Co Ltd

Wenzhou Unique Valve Co., Ltd., is an indsutrial valves manufacturer and supplier that specializes in manufacturing and developing industrial valves, with the commitment to provide customers with superior products and...

Industrial Armature Winders

Services: mechanics, car repairs, auto repairs, motor mechanics, power tool repairs, motor vehicle repairs, car maintenance, armature winders, automotive repairs, motor car repairs, automobile repairs, machine tools, machining services, industrial...

Pro J M Construction And Real Estate

Welding. plumbing. roofing. renovations .supplier construction materials gardening. Paiting.

Indoor Air Africa

We pride ourselves as an upcoming industry leader. We pride ourselves in our ability to consistently provide friendly services that are timely, professional and cost effective and we pride ourselves...

GRS Contractors

We do industrial maintenance and manufacturing. We offer many services such as stainless steel work and machine repairs.

Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication facilities are equipped with all skills require for steel fabrication, our high skilled team include engineers, Draughtsmen, supervisors, quality controller, welders, boilermakers, riggers, electricians, back in 2009 we...