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GR Group Solutions serves as a leading Contractor in the Port Elizabeth area. We’re a team of fully-certified professionals who tackle everything from complex large projects to smaller scale jobs....

We clean your roof using water at high pressure to remove all fungus and dirt on your roof and get it paint ready. we supply our own water so you...

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We are based in the Northern Suburbs and service the Cape Town area. In order to revive your property and give it a new lease of life, without necessarily having...

we offers cleaning and laundry services in both residential and commercial cleaning. hire a maid carpet cleaning furniture cleaning general and spring cleaning washing and ironing pre/post occupational cleaning post...

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We all want to keep the exterior surfaces of our homes, offices or factories clean and attractive, but despite our best efforts, there are times when the task of cleaning off dirt, mould, algae, mildew and fungi, stains and general grime is simply beyond our own amateur abilities. The job of a high pressure cleaning specialist is to tackle these problems, usually by using a combination of water and air sprayed at high pressures, cutting out the need for harsh and dangerous chemicals which poison the immediate environment and soil.

Why can’t I just do this myself?

You must know how to adjust the pressure correctly

It is easy to purchase a commercial high-pressure air/water cleaning system which will work perfectly well for occasional use and moderate soiling on small areas like patios, paths, driveways and fences, can blast off stubborn paint from bricks, remove grease and grime from machinery and bicycles and is particularly good at cleaning the hubs and wheels of our vehicles. The downside to doing this cleaning yourself is that unless you know what you are doing and are very careful, you may easily damage paving and grout which may break or crumble, or leech away dyes or colourants added to the paving material which would otherwise have lasted for a few years. The trick to pressure cleaning is to know how much water pressure can be applied to the surface you are cleaning without damaging it.

Safety factors and height of area have to be considered

There are, however, areas which are either too large, too high or where the dirt and organic growth are simply too stubborn for us to remove. Wooden decks and pool areas are very susceptible to the growth of algae in wet or humid conditions, making them hazardous. Algae and moss which grow on driveways, walkways, paths and concrete areas during the wet winter months can be difficult to remove, and can turn these areas into skid hazards. In very wet areas, moss can grow on the slate tiles of roofs, causing blockages in the gutters or slip hazards on the ground when it is dislodged. Roofs which are constantly shaded by fruit trees or other buildings are prone to the growth of fungi and algae, particularly in wet or humid areas, and these can, over time, reduce the efficiency and life expectancy of your roof. Trying to properly clean a roof is best left to the experts who have the industrial equipment, knowledge and experience to handle these areas.

Not many of us have the tolerance for heights needed to manoeuvre safely with high-pressure equipment on sloping and possibly very slippery roof areas.

Pressure washing for commercial applications

Commercial structures, buildings and factories with large paved, brick or concrete surrounds or parking spaces may well employ the services of a high pressure cleaning specialist in order to keep these areas both safe and looking good. Oil, grime, general stains, green mould or mildew stains and algae all take hold if left unattended, and can be extremely difficult to remove. Specialists in high-pressure cleaning will, if necessary, use the appropriate chemical/detergent mix to clean these areas. Areas such as walls, gutters, down-pipes and under the eaves of buildings attract general grime and dirt over time, and need to be cleaned. A wall which is pressure-washed, with the addition of a specialised detergent if required, will be restored to its former glory, and even painted walls can be rejuvenated at times without the need for a complete re-paint. Factories with concrete flooring which have been exposed to substances such as ink, oil, paint, resins or glue or which have become grimy over time with wear and tear may be brought back to life through the work of high pressure cleaning specialists. High pressure or jet cleaning may be used to clear blocked or slow-draining storm drains and gutters, and may also be used to clear blocked sewers.

How to find the right high pressure cleaning specialist

Check their online ratings and customer reviews

Professional and experienced high pressure cleaning specialists will advertise their services in various media - through home and industrial magazines and catalogues, flyers, newspapers and in the Yellow Pages. Searching the internet will provide the names of many of these specialists, and a site such as Uptasker is a time-saving resource when searching the web for the right specialist, as Uptasker provides the names, contact details, links to websites (if available), online ratings and customer reviews of the high pressure cleaning specialists in your geographical area. From this site, you can click directly to their websites or request quotes for comparison. Many specialists will have their own online catalogues, from which you can see their previous work experience and read customer testimonials. Always take note of feedback regarding reliability, adherence to time and budget constraints, range of services available, personal service, advice provided and, of course, the final result.

Top high pressure cleaning specialist tips

Top high pressure cleaning specialist tips

Whilst most of us can easily cope with the ongoing maintenance of our homes and workplaces, there are some jobs which are best left to the professionals. High pressure cleaning is a skilled job, demanding experience and familiarity with different cleaning applications and requirements, accurate assessment of the problem and knowledge of the materials to be cleaned to prevent damage. Rather than risk causing further problems and additional repair costs by attempting high pressure cleaning on your own, call in the specialists who are guaranteed to provide trouble-free results. For more tips, see our high pressure cleaning specialist articles.

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Vusi's provides high pressure cleaner services in Richards Bay, KwaZulu-Natal and surrounding suburbs.

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The following list details exactly how we are able to serve you, our client, in the best possible way. Specialist high pressure cleaning, with or without chemical applications - domestic,...

Pro Cleaning provides high pressure cleaner services in Wavecrest, Eastern Cape and surrounding suburbs.

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Complete Cleaning Solutions provides high pressure cleaner services in Wavecrest, Eastern Cape and surrounding suburbs.

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