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Design from Cape Town

Woodstock, Cape Town, WC
We offer practical marketing solutions that inspire, delight and convert interest into action while being accessible and engaging. The seamless carry-through of a brand in all mediums is essential – from digital to print. Let us maximise your brand through fantastic user experiences, email marketing, printed brochures, irresistible copy and more.

Monday Design

Woodstock, Cape Town, WC
Monday is an independent graphic design studio, based in Cape Town. We specialize in brand identity, packaging, and visual communication and enjoy the challenge of assisting clients, both locally and abroad, to translate ideas, values and strategic goals into visual identities and graphic design. We pride ourselves on being able to apply our graphic skills to a client, not simply in terms of aesthetics, but also in a manner which allows us to become immersed in a company, providing relevant and successful solutions to the way they work, think and present themselves.

Blacksheep Design Studio

Salt River, Cape Town, WC (1.2km from Woodstock)
We are a small but growing team of talented designers that prioritise creating the highest-quality work and building successful relationships with our clients. We offer web design in Cape Town and are also an accomplished graphic design studio that consistently delivers polished products that meet with our own exacting standards, while also satisfying our clientele. We choose to work with only a handful of printers and we strongly advocate transparency, open communication, understanding and deliverables in our business practices. We’re a one stop shop – we handle all jobs from concept through production and what we can’t do in-house, we...

eye design studio

Salt River, Cape Town, WC (1.2km from Woodstock)
WE'RE CREATIVE It is our ability to meet the increasingly complex needs of our clients with innovative thinking that sets us apart. This is reflected in the broad range of sectors we work in. We design identities, brochures, reports, marketing campaigns, packaging and responsive websites. WE'RE PROFESSIONAL Our design services are tailored to your business needs and our mission is to create memorable print and digital campaigns with attention to details and with the results you want. We value intelligent, informed creative responses and our process is supported by research and strategic alignment. This approach ensures that our response is...


Salt River, Cape Town, WC (1.2km from Woodstock)
We are a Cape Town design studio with a special interest in helping brands driving positive outcome through their visual communication — it’s what makes us happy ; ) We truly believe in the transformative power of good design and it’s ability to simplify communication in order to convert audiences.


Cape Town, WC (2.9km from Woodstock)
Fdesign is proud to have been part of the South African design and print industry for the past 18 years. As one of the leaders in the industry we look forward to help even more clients build their businesses in the years to come. Over the years the services Fdesign specialise in has grown from basic logo and print design to professional corporate identity development, all types of print media design, illustration, html website design and development, WordPress CMS websites and many more… If you would like to receive a quote on any of our services or arrange to meet...

Flame Design

Gardens, Cape Town, WC (3.2km from Woodstock)
Flame Design is a multidisciplinary creative studio providing hands-on project design and content management in a collaborative creative space. We seamlessly curate visual and audio messages – from inception to completion. Flame has made an indelible mark in the creative industry through a keen commitment to uncompromising quality and a unique offering of expert collaborative skills. Offering an exchange of expertise and ideas in a personal and unpretentious manner, and fueled by our passion, you can be sure that your vision will sparkle.

Muti creative studio

Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, WC (3.5km from Woodstock)
MUTI is a creative studio founded in 2011, based in the city of Cape Town, South Africa. We're a dedicated team of illustrators and designers who are passionate about producing original and inspiring artwork, from lettering to icons, digital painting to animation.

Six ways to Sunday

Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, WC (3.8km from Woodstock)
We specialise in branding strategy, digital, identity and communication design. Everything your business needs to successfully communicate.

Denka Product Design

Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, WC (3.8km from Woodstock)
denka facilitates your entire product development process, from idea & problem identification through to prototypes and production. we focus on bringing our clients’ ideas to life.

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Types of graphic design services


Safety signs, street signs, driving signs, warning and hazard signs are all done by graphic designers (see also signage & signwriters). Although usually needed by governments, signs are also used by companies and small businesses or even homes. If you need a specialised bumper sticker for your car, a graphic designer also offering printing services can help you achieve this.

A good graphic designer is worth their weight in gold and can mean the difference between brochures being read or simply thrown in the bin along with all the others. They create eye-catching designs and layouts for both digital and print mediums.


Businesses who need a brand and are just starting out or simply rebranding look towards finding a graphic designer to create their logos. Logo design includes selecting a font, colour schemes, possibly a mascot (Nike, Apple and many others have a distinguished logo mascot signature). Other brand materials such as Facebook page background image, Twitter icon and letterhead designs all form part of the branding package. Logo designers are experts in making sure your colour scheme works well with your brand.

Publishing & Print

Graphic design plays a major role in the publishing field to design the covers and layouts of books, magazines, newspapers and various other publications such company annual reports, research papers and much more.

How to choose the right graphic designer

Check their website

Any graphic design company worth their salt will have a well-designed website. Check the information on their site or their Uptasker profile to ensure the type of work they do corresponds to what you need. If they do not offer printing services as well you may well need to use a printing services company after getting a digital format design from the graphic designer.

What is their reputation like?

Find online reviews, look for star ratings and customer testimonials to see how well the graphic designer is doing on the customer satisfaction front.

Check their portfolio

To get a good understanding of the type of work they specialise in and their design style, look up the service provider's portfolio of previous design work. How is their creativity? Adaptability between brands? See their portfolio to make sure the work they do is in line with what your graphics needs are.

Top graphic design tips

Top graphic design tips

When it comes to marketing and branding, graphic design is a must-have component. From layouts and icons for banners, flyers, leaflets, brochures and stationary, graphic designers can do it all. For more tips see our graphic design articles.

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