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Cafe Print

Pretoria, GP
Graphic Designer Pretoria Cafe Print is a Graphic Designer located in Pretoria who specializes in design, printed material, outsourcing to the right printers, whilst maintaining competitive pricing. What is the goal of Café Print Graphic Design? • Visually illustrate your company values • Portray a consistent image for marketing • Grab the attention of the target audience

Digital Interactive

Colbyn, Pretoria, GP (2km from Pretoria)
Graphic design - a creative experience to formulate your business message and getting you on the map. - Logo design - Corporate Identity design - Stationery and print layout design - Banner and poster designs - Advertisement designs - Book layout design - Report designs - Online marketing material design

tickes studios

Brooklyn, Pretoria, GP (2.1km from Pretoria)
We are a fresh, excited, dynamic team spesialising in graphic design, signage, print and web. From concept to finished products, Ticker Studios knows how to get under our clients skin - in a good way! We know what makes you tick.

Big Door

Brooklyn, Pretoria, GP (2.1km from Pretoria)
Strategy, Design, Involve, Measure ​ An enlightened brand differentiates your business, builds awareness and trust, and assures the market of your quality. To achieve enlightenment in branding and communication, one must follow a definitive process based on sound STRATEGY, creative DESIGN active INVOLVEMENT and practical ANALYTICS.

Unique Plus - Graphic Design Studio

Rietondale, Pretoria, GP (2.2km from Pretoria)
Standing out in this highly visual world may prove difficult. With good target-market research, strategic brand building, conceptualisation and design execution – we will assist you in rising above the competitors. We create timeless high quality designs across all platforms, keeping your budget and design requirements in mind. Through our designs, we will communicate your brand’s identity in a way that best represents your professional image and individuality.

Silver Chalk Design Studio

Arcadia, Pretoria, GP (2.9km from Pretoria)
Silver Chalk is a unique branding & digital Visual Communication studio based in Pretoria, South Africa. We are a creative marketing and design team that work on a consultancy bases with companies. We have extensive experience in a wide variety of industries. This includes design, print and marketing management experience, but our passion has always been with researching and creating visual communication that drives results. We find our clients' competitive advantage or the "what" that gives their company vision and direction & visually communicate these affectively to their focused target market. We offer a multi-disciplined solution with equal skill &...


Queenswood, Pretoria, GP (3.4km from Pretoria)
Founded in 2004 by Adri Claassens and Nicholas de Bruyne in a time when dinosaurs still used flip phones and no one knew what a selfie was yet, Designwave hit the local design industry with the goal of expressing creativity, enjoying fun and honest client relationships and last but not least, paying the bills. But those iPhones did eventually come and so too did the Facebooks and the Twitters of the world… and yet still, Designwave remains, constantly evolving and moving, combining modern technologies and traditional methods to deliver powerful and creative products and services to our family of happy...

Riaan Wilmans Art and Design

Muckleneuk, Pretoria, GP (3.6km from Pretoria)
As Graphic Designer Riaan works primarily with publishers in South Africa, UK, and the USA, doing book cover design in a design approach which favours concept over style. Apart from book cover design do Riaan also offer brand design, web design, photo book design as well as graphic art renderings of landscape architecture designs. As Visual Artist Riaan is completing a body of art titled: ‘Visibility’, which deals with his perceived conflict between individuation and culture. He is exhibiting in July 2019.


Muckleneuk, Pretoria, GP (3.6km from Pretoria)
Studio112 is an upmarket graphic design agency with 16 years of experience in brand development, marketing communications, advertising and information design. Our dynamic creative team constantly endeavours to create superior and unique solutions of the highest quality that communicate and encapsulate your brand message. We manage the entire process – including concept, design, pre-press, print and delivery.

I'm Design

Menlo Park, Pretoria, GP (4km from Pretoria)
We are proud to inform you that we will meet all your design needs from Website Design (HTML & FLASH), Corporate Identities: Logo, Business Card, Letterhead, Fax, Email, Folder, Brochure, Motion Graphics, Flash Animation, Touch Screens, Wedding Invites and Stationary, Poster Design, Illustrations, Magazine Layouts, Vehicle Wrapping to Wallpaper Design. Please see our portfolio for examples of the above mentioned.

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Types of graphic design services


Safety signs, street signs, driving signs, warning and hazard signs are all done by graphic designers (see also signage & signwriters). Although usually needed by governments, signs are also used by companies and small businesses or even homes. If you need a specialised bumper sticker for your car, a graphic designer also offering printing services can help you achieve this.

A good graphic designer is worth their weight in gold and can mean the difference between brochures being read or simply thrown in the bin along with all the others. They create eye-catching designs and layouts for both digital and print mediums.


Businesses who need a brand and are just starting out or simply rebranding look towards finding a graphic designer to create their logos. Logo design includes selecting a font, colour schemes, possibly a mascot (Nike, Apple and many others have a distinguished logo mascot signature). Other brand materials such as Facebook page background image, Twitter icon and letterhead designs all form part of the branding package. Logo designers are experts in making sure your colour scheme works well with your brand.

Publishing & Print

Graphic design plays a major role in the publishing field to design the covers and layouts of books, magazines, newspapers and various other publications such company annual reports, research papers and much more.

How to choose the right graphic designer

Check their website

Any graphic design company worth their salt will have a well-designed website. Check the information on their site or their Uptasker profile to ensure the type of work they do corresponds to what you need. If they do not offer printing services as well you may well need to use a printing services company after getting a digital format design from the graphic designer.

What is their reputation like?

Find online reviews, look for star ratings and customer testimonials to see how well the graphic designer is doing on the customer satisfaction front.

Check their portfolio

To get a good understanding of the type of work they specialise in and their design style, look up the service provider's portfolio of previous design work. How is their creativity? Adaptability between brands? See their portfolio to make sure the work they do is in line with what your graphics needs are.

Top graphic design tips

Top graphic design tips

When it comes to marketing and branding, graphic design is a must-have component. From layouts and icons for banners, flyers, leaflets, brochures and stationary, graphic designers can do it all. For more tips see our graphic design articles.

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