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Thermotek Water Heating provides gas installation & fitting services in George Central, Western Cape and surrounding suburbs.

The Gasman is a registered gas installation company. We supply and install all gas appliances and gas systems. We service and maintain existing gas systems. We inspect and issue COC...

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The future of home energy production and preservation lies in gas and solar systems. GateWay Installations is an independent service provider in gas and solar installations, multi-room audio, home theatre,...

LP Gas Installation Experts Richards Bay provides gas installation & fitting services in Richards Bay, KwaZulu-Natal and surrounding suburbs.

Ace Gaz provides gas installation & fitting services in Mdantsane, Eastern Cape and surrounding suburbs.

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Loadshedding getting you down? Switch to gas and get cookin’! 

We are all familiar by now with the dreaded electricity load-shedding schedules which plague South Africa, and with winter fast approaching, the demand on the electricity grid will increase heavily as homeowners and commercial premises try to maintain a warmer environment. We also have to start thinking of alternative ways to cook and heat our homes, and one of the most obvious methods is through the use of gas. 

Always use the right people for the job

Gas is becoming more and more popular in both private and commercial use, and there is a steadily increasing number of gas appliances coming onto the market for both heating and cooking. Even so, when one thinks of gas, the first thought is about the safety of using this substance. Gas is highly flammable and dangerous when used carelessly, but home gas appliances are designed for maximum protection during use. This safety factor extends to the installation, maintenance and repair of gas appliances. There is a very good reason why we have specialists to fit, install and repair gas fittings and appliances, as there are specific safety protocols which have to be followed where gas appliances are concerned. In the case of outdoor gas heaters, for instance, an experienced installer will ensure that such appliances are not positioned indoors where dangerous carbon monoxide may be released into enclosed surroundings. 

Qualified gas installation and fitting specialists are regulated by SANS

All gas installation and fitting specialists work according to the gas installation regulations of the South African National Standards (SANS), so you can be sure that your connections and appliances are installed and serviced to the highest safety standards. It is possible that a plumber could quite safely connect up your gas lines, as he will also be aware of the safety protocols, but your first choice should always be a specialist in the field. 

Don’t ignore the warning signs of a gas leak

The gas which is used in South Africa is LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), which alone is odourless, but a chemical odorant additive called Ethyl Mercaptan is added to the gas so that it can be detected if there is a gas leak.

This odorant gives off a smell similar to garlic, cooked cabbage, leeks or onions. If you are not cooking but can nonetheless smell this rather unpleasant odour, call for a gas specialist to check your gas connections. Over time, rubber gaskets may become brittle and cracked, gas cylinders can rust and regulators can become defective, which could lead to unknown leaks. You will find plenty of useful information about the safe use of gas on the “” website, which highly recommends that all gas appliances and their outlets be inspected for wear and tear every year or two by qualified gas installation specialists. This includes furnaces, vents, flues, chimneys and gas lines. If you are new to using gas in any appliance, whether for cooking or heating, take the time to get all the information you can by checking your concerns with your gas installation specialist.

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It is becoming clear that gas appliances are becoming more popular in South Africa, and it makes sense that the specialists who are responsible for installing and repairing these appliances are also becoming more visible, especially in online searches. You will find a search site such as Uptasker is a tremendous help in finding the right specialist in your area, as Uptasker lists in geographical locations, which saves a whole lot of time.

Also be sure to read the online ratings and customer reviews which are posted, as these will give you a very good indicator of the type of service you can expect from any potential supplier. This site also makes it easy for you to obtain comparative quotes online from one central point. If you are not an internet fan, you can easily find these specialists through the Yellow Pages or through flyers which may offer specials at certain times. Gas supply outlets are also a mine of information on suppliers they recommend. The ever-present House and Home magazines and catalogues will also give you a range of suppliers, and gas appliance suppliers will also know of many specialists in this field.


Top gas installation and fitting specialist tips

Top gas installation and fitting specialist tips

If you are planning on converting to the speed, economy and efficiency of gas for any new fitted appliance in your home or business, you will definitely need the services of a specialist in installing your new appliance. Whether it is a fixture such as an internal gas-fired heater with a chimney or flue, or a gas hob or oven, be sure that it is installed safely and according to the regulations dictated by SANS, and the best way of doing this is by using a qualified and knowledgeable gas installation and fitting specialist.  For more tips and information, see Uptasker’s gas installation and repair specialist articles.

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If you are looking for gas installations in George and the Southern Cape you have come to the right place. Sky Gas can offer you a variety of gas services...

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The Gas Worker provides gas installation & fitting services in Southbroom, KwaZulu-Natal and surrounding suburbs.

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Degasity Burgersfort provides gas installation & fitting services in Burgersfort, Limpopo and surrounding suburbs.

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Gap Gas provides gas installation & fitting services in Mokala-Mosesane, Northern Cape and surrounding suburbs.

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