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Urban Studio Designs supply's and installs a variety of insect & monkey screens. Offering you options for security stainless steel screens or the insect screens. We custom make all our...

Fly Screens Job - Hoedspruit provides fly screens services in Hoedspruit, Limpopo and surrounding suburbs.

Cool Living specialises in the manufacturing and distribution of premium-quality products for living spaces, such as homes, businesses, lodges, offices, hotels and restaurants. Our innovative product range includes a premium...

Mosquito Flyscreens Hermanus provides fly screens services in Eastcliff, Western Cape and surrounding suburbs.

Mozziguard Insect Screen Noordhoek provides fly screens services in Noordhoek, Western Cape and surrounding suburbs.

George WC
These retractable fly screens are manually operated with a control bar/handle. Simply grab the bar and pull it up or down. The insect screen has sliding tracks that ensure a...

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Fly screens allow you to keep your doors and windows open all year without insects invading your home

Many people love fresh air circulating through their homes whenever possible, but there is always the problem of flies invading the kitchen or mosquitoes dive-bombing you constantly. Even in the cleanest homes, cockroaches will sometimes make an unwanted appearance, as well as other insects which are attracted by smells and lights. Where we live, numerous moths and other small insects abound in a garden which has been well established over decades, including crickets, lizards, other bugs and even the occasional small frog, all of which make it rather difficult to keep windows open constantly.

You NEED to keep some windows open – even in winter …

On really hot days, there is nothing better than having a cooling breeze wafting through the house and cooling it down a few degrees. Even during the winter months, it is advisable to keep at least one or two windows open to allow for fresh air to move through the house, especially whilst sleeping. Those artistic people who use materials with high fume levels, such as various paints, cleaning materials, glues, solder, nail varnishes, etc., should always have a source of fresh air in circulation. And who likes the smell of cooking once the meal is eaten? If you do not have an extractor fan, the smell can linger and permeate the whole house, especially in open-plan living areas. So, in short, there is a very good reason for needing one or more windows to remain open throughout the year. And, of course, in summer, most of our patio and kitchen doors are often open for the majority of the day when we are at home.

Fly screens don’t obscure your view or get in the way

Fly screens are the most effective, attractive and streamlined method of keeping insects outside where they belong. A fly screen operates independently and can be open or shut, irrespective of whether the window or door is open. Modern window fly screens are made as sliding mechanisms which provide protection when required without hindering the movement of the actual window, so can slide to cover the window when needed, or “stacked” together when not required.

Door screens, which are very commonly seen in America, are usually positioned on the outside of the door itself and form a completely independent door. This is obviously the best solution since most exterior doors open inward and it is not practical nor really possible to mount a fly screen on the interior side of the door itself.

Worried about unsightly screens? Have them made to blend in or become a décor feature

Fly screens can be made to fit any shape or style of window or door. Screens can be manufactured to accommodate any shapes from vertical or horizontal sash or casement windows to sliding and side-hung windows, single- or double-hinged, single-, double- or triple-hinged door designs, so there is no excuse not to install fly screens where they are needed. You just need to find the right specialist! Fly screens are versatile in their material composition, from fibreglass woven mesh to clear vision mesh, in any colour required to match your décor. They can be made to present a feature in your décor scheme or to blend in unobtrusively. Exterior door screens are manufactured to withstand the weather, using durable and UV-protected materials which may also be PVC coated for additional durability.

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Fly screen specialists are not the easiest suppliers to find using traditional search methods, although they may have adverts placed in House and Home magazines, general décor publications, be present at Home Expos and be visible in architectural publications. You may find them in the Yellow Pages, but the best way of tracking down these specialists would be through an online search through a site such as Uptasker, which has the distinct advantage over all other search methods in that it lists specifically in geographical areas and allows you to search the site for suppliers in the area in which you live. Through Uptasker you will also be able to see suppliers’ online ratings and customer reviews, as well as using ‘one-click’ links to their websites, if available. Because this field of specialisation is still growing, you might also be wise to ask for word-of-mouth referrals, if possible.

Top fly screen specialist tips

Top fly screen specialist tips

Since we all want to enjoy our homes as much as possible and live in a climate which lends itself towards indoor/outdoor living, we usually want to have our doors and windows open as much as possible. The bugs, flies, mosquitoes, moths and other crawlies which also enjoy being in our homes are not so welcome! The best solution in drawing a line in the sand and stopping these irritating insects whilst not being held prisoners behind closed windows and doors in our homes is by installing fly screens on our windows and doors. Enjoy the fresh air and naturally deodorize your home during the day and night by keeping the windows and patio doors open for as long as possible and using fly screens to protect yourself from insect invasion. Whilst fly screens probably won’t offer much of a deterrent to ants, anything bigger and unwanted will be left outside where it belongs. It’s a win-win situation, with insects living longer lives outside whilst you have a peaceful existence indoors without either side waging war on the other. For more tips, see our fly screen specialist articles.

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Traxdor provides fly screens services in Hartenbos, Western Cape and surrounding suburbs.

Suppliers & Installers of custom made outdoor and indoor blinds. We also specialize in the supply and installation of shutters, monkey & insect screens as well as retractable awnings. All...

Sandton GP
We offer Domestic and commercial pest control. We will come to your premises and give you and effective extermination service.