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Electric Fencing Cape Town

Milnerton, Cape Town, WC (8.3km from Cape Town)
Established in 2012, Electric Fencing, holds a reputation for excellent service and workmanship. We are dedicated and committed to customer service, offering our clients an experience that is professional, innovative and cost effective, whilst delivering the highest quality products and solutions.

Eco Fence Cape

Claremont, Cape Town, WC (9.3km from Cape Town)
Eco Fence Cape specialises in the installation of perimeter security solutions such as Betafence, ClearVu, palisade, vibracrete, wire mesh, wooden fencing, gates, electric fences and spikes. We are owner-operated and pride ourselves on our quick turnaround time and personal service. Manufacture and production timings are efficiently managed to ensure that you receive the product of your choice installed with minimum delay. Eco Fence Cape’s ability to tailor-make your product selection to your specifications ensures that we can find both a stylish and budget friendly solution to all your perimeter security requirements.

Palisade Fencing Pros - Bloubergstrand

Table View, Cape Town, WC (15.7km from Cape Town)
Welcome to Palisade Fencing Pros Bloubergstrand your local fence service provider. Palisade Fencing Pros Bloubergstrand represents the best manufacturers and installers of fencing. We have been assisting house owners and business owners obtain high quality steel palisade secure fencing and all around Blouberg region for years. We are aware of that you require the extremely best degrees of protection, so we assure that our palisade fence installers will supply you with a fence that is very difficult to climb, incredibly sturdy and looks neat and professional. Why pick steel palisade fence for your home or workplace? Excellent border protection Difficult...

Storm Fencing

Westlake, Cape Town, WC (17.4km from Cape Town)
Storm’s range of fencing solutions are quickly becoming a preferred choice when specifying and selecting high-quality, affordable garden, perimeter and security fencing products in South Africa.
Our Business became synonymous with the manufacture steel roofing sheets, gutters and flashings and generally related products. John left the company around about 1992 to start a new business and would only return in 2011. The company whilst in Wetton increased its staff and operations considerably, installing Eccentric Presses and related equipment broadening our market and commencing with the mass production various industrial and domestic products. But of course the company is still involved in the field of roofing and sheet metal products to the construction industry whilst expanding their endeavours to include a wider product range.

Julip Landscaping

Claremont, Cape Town, WC (9.3km from Cape Town)
Julip specialises in, high-end, tailor made landscaping solutions as well as plant installations. From Residential, commercial and large scale- agricultural landscaping to irrigation, decking, fencing and pergolas. We aim to transform your space to best suit you.

LHV Garage Doors & Gates

Cafda Village, Cape Town, WC (16.3km from Cape Town)
Tip up and sectional overhead doors are available in aluzinc, aluminium, meranti or fibreglass. We also install roll up garage doors that roll up into a bundle, the roll up door is made out of mild steel and is available in white or brown.

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Why erect fencing?

Fencing is erected or constructed for a variety of reasons, ranging from purely decorative, thus adding “kerb appeal” to a private property, to high security fences which are more functional than aesthetic in appearance, and provide a protective and secure barrier around a property. Fencing therefore has to be specifically tailored to meet its intended purpose.

Types of fencing

Security fencing

It is an unfortunate fact that high security fencing is a common choice and a necessity for many homeowners in South Africa. Crime rates are high, and homeowners need to protect their property at all times. The erection of a security fence necessarily incorporates electric gates to control access to and exit from the premises. Security fences are not, due to their purpose, particularly attractive but are designed to protect rather than beautify a property.

Galvanised fencing & welded fencing

A popular choice of security fencing for homeowners is that of welded or galvanised palisade fencing, which is often constructed from steel or iron, often housed within surrounding brickwork. This type of fencing allows the homeowner to both see out and be seen from outside the property, which can provide additional visual protection in the event of an invasion of the premises. High walls topped by electric fencing certainly provide an effective barrier, but unfortunately also provide shielding for intruders during a break-in, and could make it difficult for law enforcement to access the property in an emergency. For this reason, mesh fencing is often a viable alternative, particularly on construction sites where valuable appliances and hardware in vacant premises are a prime target for thieves, and where alarm systems have yet to be installed. 

Intruders are more likely to think twice before breaking into premises where their actions may be observed from outside the property.

Mesh fencing is found everywhere within South Africa, erected along the sides of highways and bridges, surrounding factories and public buildings such as shops and hospitals, bordering parks and rivers, used on farms to separate fields and enclosing private homes, housing and business estates. This fencing is effective, yet can be softened in appearance by growing plants close to it without hindering its functionality. Commercial premises and factories often opt for open mesh fencing topped with coiled razor wire which provides an immediate, non-electrified barrier and is extremely effective.

Aesthetic & functional fencing

More aesthetically pleasing fencing which is aimed at providing privacy and a sense of seclusion within an urban garden may be constructed of more solid materials such as pre-cast panels and slabs, bricks, stones, concrete, wood or heavy duty pvc (polyvinyl chloride). There is a timeless appeal to a beautifully maintained wooden fence which is both functional and visually appealing, particularly in older properties with large trees and old established gardens, where a more modern perimeter boundary fence might be visually out of place.  

Choosing the best fencing specialist

Check their ratings and customer reviews

There are many fencing specialist companies in South Africa, the majority of which advertise their services in magazines, catalogues, newspapers and over the internet. Many of these companies offer a wide range of fencing options and will be able to advise and guide buyers on the right fencing for their needs. There are, of course, companies which specialise in security fencing, including the electric access control gates required.

These companies have years of knowledge, skill and experience behind them, and references and recommendations should be extremely easy to obtain, particularly if checking online. Be sure to check Uptasker’s site for online reviews and the particular fencing specialities of these companies. By all means, ask around for the best company for your needs and ask for quotations, which will be offered free of charge by reputable companies.

Top fencing tips

Top fencing tips

When considering the type of fencing for your business or private property, be prepared to be guided by the specialists in this field, and clearly explain your particular needs, budget, timing and expectations to avoid any possible misunderstandings. Fencing will last for many years and is part of the investment you make into the safety and enjoyment of your home and the security of your business premises, and its value should never be under-estimated. For more tips, see our fencing articles.

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