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private provides carpet installation & repair services in Bonnie Brae, Western Cape and surrounding suburbs.

Xtreme Floor Care

We Supply & Install all makes of carpets, laminated flooring & Vinyl. We also have a dedicated carpet & upholstery team that specializes in the cleaning of commercial & residential...

Carpet Kings

Services ✔ carpet dealers ✔ carpet installations

Northern Cape Flooring

Services: - carpet Installation & repair

Top Carpets And Floors

Top Carpets and Floors is South Africa’s only national flooring group, with over 120 members located around the country. The network covers all major cities, as well as a number...

Carpet And Decor Centre

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What can a carpet specialist help with?

Although the modern trend is for homes and offices to have ‘hard’ flooring installed for ease of cleaning, fitted carpets are still very popular and add warmth and luxury to any environment. Carpeting of this type has to be professionally fitted by experienced and skilled specialists, especially when it comes to cutting large areas of carpeting and fitting the carpeting around awkward or difficult structures. A carpet specialist is experienced and skilled at repairing fitted carpets and area rugs which would otherwise have to be replaced.

What exactly does a carpet specialist do?

Carpet laying, fitting and floor preparation

Carpet specialist companies are professionals in the laying of fitted (wall-to-wall) carpeting, including the preparation of the floors, laying the underfelt, and the repair of fitted carpets and area rugs. Such as specialist will, if requested, provide professional advice on the best type and pattern of carpeting to use for specific areas, keeping in mind factors such as durability and cleaning, as well as overall appeal. Carpet specialists sometimes offer an additional defence against soiling by pre-treating carpeting with a water-resistant product called scotchgard, which also has dirt-repellent properties, but many carpets available these days are considered “stain-resistant” due to advances in manufacturing processes and techniques. There are many different carpet manufacturers and they all have their own installation specifications for their unique carpet ranges. In South Africa, there are also codes of practice set by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) which relate to carpet installation.

Carpets bring style to your home

Carpets provide a wide variety of colours, styles, fibres and textures to any flooring needs. Fitted carpeting is economical in that it has the ability to insulate against extreme heat and cold conditions, thereby providing a more controlled and temperate environment. They are gentler against bare feet, and toddlers, adults and household pets love their comfort and softness.

Commercial carpet installation and repair

In office and commercial environments, hospitals, gyms, hotels, conference centres, training venues and similar spaces where carpeting is used, a stronger and more durable carpet is needed which is hard-wearing and able to withstand high volumes of foot traffic on a daily basis. This is broadly termed ‘industrial carpeting’, and if cared for properly, will last for many years whilst still maintaining its original appearance. Carpet tiles are a practical choice in these environments, as sections of permanently soiled or damaged carpet can easily be uplifted and replaced with surplus carpet tiles stored for such a purpose. When laying carpet tiles, it is always advisable to buy extra stock and keep these handy for the occasional and inevitable repair or replacement job.

Carpet tiles also allow for patterns to be created in larger areas, where different coloured tiles are laid in set formations for this purpose. Using the tiles in this way enables one to create specifically demarcated areas, such as seating or reception spaces or walkways. The choice of colours and patterns is almost endless, and many different looks can be achieved in this way. This is not possible with continuous fitted carpeting, which would have to be specially manufactured to create the patterns required.

Carpet repairs

Carpet specialists are experts in the repair of carpets, including valuable Persian rugs which are highly and intricately patterned. They also carry out more mundane repairs such as fixing joins and split seams, and eradicating burn marks by punching them out. If you have dogs which have scratched small holes in your carpets, it is time to call the carpet specialist to see if these can be repaired before considering re-carpeting the area. Where carpets have shrunk back slightly at the skirting or walls, perhaps due to wet cleaning or damp conditions, a carpet specialist can stretch the carpet back and secure it. Area rugs which have frayed at the ends but are otherwise still in good condition may be repaired by a carpet specialist who can rebind the edges and give the rugs many more years of use. This is certainly a workable option for a well-loved and well-used rug which has a special place in the home. Carpets and area rugs which are hand-crafted and unique are irreplaceable, and it makes sense to repair them if at all possible rather than simply replacing them with others which do not have the same appeal or sentimental value to you. From an environmental point of view, it is preferable to repair carpets rather than add them to our growing landfill areas.

How to find the right carpet specialist

Check their online ratings and customer reviews

Online searches will highlight many carpet specialist companies in your geographical area, and from their adverts, it should be easy enough to find one who can offer you the service you require. Uptasker is an excellent resource in this area, and offers you the added advantage of reading their online reviews on the same site. Never underestimate the value of reviews and personal testimonials, especially when it concerns valuable carpets and rugs and when considering the expense of carpeting large areas of your home or office. You want to work with a professional company which offers years of experience, skill, knowledge, expertise and a following of satisfied clients who would gladly use their services again. Of course, often in such cases the best testimonial may come from seeing their work personally, and talking to previous clients, especially those who have experienced years of trouble-free carpet use. Carpet specialists will also be found by searching in newspapers, magazines, home catalogues, home exhibitions, and the ever-useful Yellow Pages.

Top carpeting tips

Top carpeting tips

Carpets and area rugs are a valuable furnishing asset in both our homes and offices, and you will most likely spend much of your furnishing budget in this sphere. Don’t try and save money on inferior products or services, but aim for the best that your budget will allow, and you will enjoy many years of functionality and appeal which will only add value and comfort to your personal or business life. Choose your supplier carefully, take good care of your rugs and carpets, and they will reward you for many years. For more tips, see our carpet specialist articles.

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