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Perfect Carpet Cleaners offers premium and affordable Dry Cleaning & Laundry Services in Johannesburg, pick up and delivery, commercial laundry service and drop off service . At Perfect Carpet Cleaners, our top priority is offering exceptional service at an affordable and competitive price, all to make the essential task of getting your laundry needs done as quick and headache-free as possible. At Perfect Carpet Cleaners & Laundry we take immense pride in our work, whether we are working with corporate clients or individual laundry clients. Take a look around our website and learn more about the variety of laundry services...
Carpet Cleaning Central is a GAUTENG based, specialist Carpet, Persian Rug, Upholstery and Window cleaning company that services all areas of the greater Johannesburg region Our company goal is to convert each new customer into a lifetime client by providing personal attention to every customer’s needs in a friendly, timely and efficient manner. What sets us apart from other cleaning companies is that we do all the work ourselves in our quest to provide excellent service at a reasonable price. We therefore do not subcontract any of our work, which ensures that the quality of our workmanship remains consistently high....

Carpet Genie

Johannesburg, GP
Carpet Genie specializes in Dry Carpet Cleaning. Our product is a Micro-sponge Antibacterial powder developed and manufactured by Sebo in Germany, we use this in conjunction with both the Duo Applicator and vacuum cleaner this utilizes the very best German Technology. Quality is an integral part of company strategy and one of its strengths, enabling Carpet Genie to stay at the top of the carpet cleaning industry, an industry known for its extremely fierce and demanding competition.the company's core policy is reflected not only in the excellent service and the quality of cleaning but also in its firm belief in...
We’ve formulated a targeted approach to green carpet, mattress and upholstery cleaning. DISINFECTING AND SANITIZING IN GAUTENG Do you need to Disinfect and Sanitize your home or building? The process of treating a building is quick, efficient and with minimum disruption to you, your home, shop, office or warehouse. We can treat cars, taxis, trucks, houses, offices, shops or warehouses. All that we require from you is a short treatment time and ask that you stay outside the treated area for two (2) hours as prescribed by the Enviroclean label and guidelines. Enviroclean makes use of commercial ULV fogging machines...

BC Services Pty

Johannesburg, GP
For all your commercial and residential cleaning requirements: Window cleaning Carpet cleaning Upholstery cleaning Pre/post occupation cleaning Once off deep cleaning Contract cleaning Office cleaning

AZ Persian Rug Cleaning

Berea, Johannesburg, GP (2.1km from Johannesburg)
We offer a full Persian Rug cleaning service where we collect your Persian Rugs and take them to our factory for expert cleaning. we collect and deliver hand-knotted rugs for professional cleaning, restoration and repair throughout the Johannesburg. We focus solely on handmade rugs, giving you the peace of mind that your rug will be given the level of care and attention it deserves

Park Avenue Carpet Cleaning

Norwood, Johannesburg, GP (5.6km from Johannesburg)
Only the highest quality cleaning materials and chemicals are used, maintaining the longevity of your carpets with sparkling clean and fresh results. The process of deep steam cleaning creates a clean and healthy environment. A specialist Persian carpet and rug cleaning division, focuses on general cleaning and restoration of luxury carpets and rugs. Melvyn, the original founder and owner of the business, ensures that his staff undergo training to uphold their exceptional service and efficient track record and this is evident in the constant repeat work and referrals they receive from corporate and private clients Park Avenue Cleaning Services also...

The Carpet Clinic

Orange Grove, Johannesburg, GP (5.8km from Johannesburg)
Welcome to the Carpet Clinic. Professional Carpet Cleaning Johannesburg. We pride ourselves as one of Johannesburg’s leading commercial and residential carpet cleaning companies with wealth of experience. When you need quality cleaning of your rugs, carpets, upholstery think of The Carpet Clinic first. Whether your carpets or upholstery need a seasonal cleaning, or emergency services due to flood damage or accidental spills, we can help you restore your carpets and furniture to their original condition.


Orchards, Johannesburg, GP (6.6km from Johannesburg)
Our Services Domestic carpet and rug cleaning Industrial carpet cleaning Upholstery cleaning Flood damage control Office furniture cleaning * (chairs & couches) Office chair cleaning and scotchgard & masterguard in Johannesburg and Pretoria Fabric protection - Scotchguard & masterguard Curtain cleaning Window cleaning Mattress cleaning and UV sanitising Leather care and conditioning Pre & Post occupation cleaning/spring cleaning Couch cleaning, sofa cleaning Office carpet cleaning in Johannesburg and Pretoria

Carpet Spring Cleaners

Sydenham, Johannesburg, GP (7.5km from Johannesburg)
Carpet Spring Cleaners servicing the Gauteng area provide a wide range of solutions to all your carpet cleaning needs Our well-trained staff represent our full and unconditional commitment to providing you with the most efficient services possible. Their expertise together with our commitment has made us a leading entity in this field. Our severe control standards will ensure that you, our valued customers, receive complete and unconditional satisfaction.

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What can carpet cleaner help with?

It takes many years for carpets to wear out, and very high quality carpets and rugs can last for generations. However, they do become dirty and unappealing over time, so a deep cleaning is called for at least every few years. Over time and with regular foot traffic over them, carpets inevitably begin to show the signs of grime and accompanying discolouration.

It has been stated that eighty percent of the dirt on carpets comes from the soles of our shoes, which is a scary thought, but how many of us immediately take our shoes off at the front door? In addition, spills and dirt which are not properly cleaned up at the time they occur will result in stains which cannot always be removed with off-the-shelf cleaning products. Since carpets and rugs are such an integral part of any interior space, a dirty appearance will detrimentally affect the overall appeal of the area, as well as providing a breeding ground for germs and bacteria to flourish.

What do carpet cleaners actually do?

Both minor and larger carpet cleaning jobs

Carpet cleaning specialist companies take on both minor and larger cleaning jobs in the industrial, commercial, corporate, hospitality and residential spheres. These are experienced and knowledgeable technicians who are skilled in assessing whether the carpets can be cleaned through milder soap-and-water methods or require deeper chemical cleaning. They have to determine what materials were used in the manufacture of the carpet or rug, for example wool or acrylic fibres, in order to decide which method of cleaning to employ.

They know that carpets do not respond well to being cleaned using large amounts of water, and can easily be damaged, shrink or buckle when cleaned this way. Cleaning specialists may use various methods to deep clean carpets, including steam vacuum cleaning or extraction techniques, which leave the carpet relatively dry during the cleaning process. You may be given the option, after cleaning, of a stain repellent chemical to be applied to the carpets to assist in maintaining cleanliness for a longer period, but this may come with an additional charge, so check this beforehand.

Furniture moving included

One of the major advantages of using a carpet cleaning company is that they will move the furniture out of the way and replace this once the carpets have been cleaned.

This is a major issue in any areas where there is heavy or bulky furniture which requires more than one or two people to move it. For the homeowner, in particular, this is an important factor to be taken into consideration, and all private and business sectors necessarily need the cleaning process to be completed efficiently and within a short period of time in order to minimise disruptions to the normal routine of the day.

Pre-inspection of rugs and carpets

A cleaning technician will be pre-inspect the rugs or carpets to assess how dirty they are, and if there are specific areas where stains need to be pre-treated with a powerful stain-remover prior to the commencement of the cleaning process. You can be assured that a carpet cleaning company will manage to remove ingrained stains and marks which have withstood all your own efforts using off-the-shelf cleaning products. Be aware, though, that they cannot remove burn marks, which cause permanent damage to carpets or rugs. In such cases, you would need the services of a carpet specialist. See Uptasker for carpet specialists in your area, together with their online reviews.

How to find the right carpet cleaning service

Check their online ratings and customer reviews

Carpet cleaning services can be found quite easily, by looking through newspapers, home catalogues, the Yellow Pages or via the internet, using valuable sites such as Uptasker, which includes online reviews. Such reviews are extremely important in choosing the right specialist for your needs. They are the next best resource to word-of-mouth testimonials from colleagues and friends. You want to know that your home or business premises will be treated with respect by the carpet cleaning technicians, and that the results will be what you expect from the service. Any potential problems with the cleaning procedure should be identified and resolved prior to the commencement of the cleaning, such as short-term storage or temporary placement of furniture, desks, etc. during cleaning, on-going access to the premises, pre-treatment of deep-seated stains, and time required to complete the job. Check and agree costs prior to going ahead, and ensure that the costs include pre-treatment of areas with severe soiling, if applicable, and the application of a dirt-repellent chemical to the cleaned carpets, if offered and accepted.

Top carpet cleaning tips

Top carpet cleaning tips

Although our carpets and rugs add elements of luxury, comfort and appeal to our daily lives, we do not always treat them with the care they deserve. Apart from regular vacuuming and the occasional spot clean of a spill, we seem to believe that specialist deep cleaning on a fairly regular basis is not necessary. Don’t wait until your carpets or rugs are in an unhygienic and dirty state which not only look unattractive but are possible health hazards. Ask a carpet cleaning specialist to quote you on one of the easiest ways to brighten up your environment and deep clean your carpets regularly. For more tips, see our carpet cleaning articles.

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