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Kempton Park, GP (18.7km from Sandton)
CUT OUT THE MIDDLE MAN AND BUY DIRECTLY FROM THE MANUFACTURER We Manufacture • Tarpaulins • Tautliner Curtains • Cargo nets • Box Covers • Welding screens • Any cover according to your specs. Give us a call today for a free quote.


Johannesburg, GP (10.8km from Sandton)
GOVARO (Pty) Ltd is a full-service Design-Build Civil Engineering and Construction Company in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa. Our Portfolio includes Construction, Home Building, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Aluminium Windows, Aluminium Doors, Home renovation, Remodeling, Commercial Building, painter contractors, staircase contractors, home contractors and Infrastructure. We offer special skills including Architecture, Architects, House Plans, Builders, Engineers, Civil Engineers, Painters, Structural Engineer and Builder Contractors.
Very professional team.
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Awnings are brilliant solutions when additional shelter is needed 

Patios are an extension of our living areas and, as such, are usually situated so as to get as much shelter as possible from both searing sun and rain. This is a tremendous advantage in winter, when we need that additional warmth, but in summer the heat can turn a sheltered patio area into a place we would rather avoid. As our living areas become smaller and more compact, the need for extra space outside will continue to be a priority. Patios are usually designed to protect against winds and rain and to offer privacy, and for this reason are usually built in sheltered areas of the house, which can make them uncomfortably hot in South Africa’s long summer months. The solution would be to erect an adjustable or retractable awning which can either let in the sun in winter or block it out in summer.  

Awnings have a variety of functions 

There is more than one way of sheltering your outside entertainment or sitting area from the weather. Whilst basic awnings have been popular for many years for a variety of purposes, they have developed into extremely decorative and versatile covers which are available as both horizontal or vertical structures. Not only can you protect yourself from direct sun in the summer, but also keep off rainstorms and thereby maintain the life of your outside furniture. Awnings have the ability to prevent up to 98% of harmful UV rays from getting through, and can reduce the heat on a patio or deck by up to 20%. Window awnings have the advantage of being able to reduce glare on interior television and computer screens, reduce fading of carpets and curtains, and reduce energy costs by up to 25%, in both winter and summer, by cutting out the heat or keeping it in. 

Choose your awning design according to your needs

Since awnings are manufactured in a range of materials and designs, you will have no difficulty in finding one which suits your needs. Modern awning design tends to lean more heavily on acrylic fabrics which come in a range of different colours and designs, and have the distinct advantage of being both water repellant and mildew resistant, which makes for lower maintenance effort and costs over the years.

Aluminium louvre awnings are also still widely used, and although these are not retractable, therefore presenting a more rigid facade, they can be adjusted according to the time of year, allowing for shade in summer and direct sun in the colder winter months. Aluminium awnings are generally considered to be more permanent and therefore stronger, and are ideal for use over driveways where vehicles are exposed to the weather throughout all seasons. 

Complement the style of the house with an awning

Since awnings come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours, they can add an element of bespoke design to any house whilst still being extremely useful. The newer shade sails, which are becoming very popular, are ideal for areas of the garden where shade is needed and there is no wall nearby for support, as they can be stretched over poles and pergolas, making for very useful shaded seating areas. If you add shade sails awnings into the general category of awnings, the range of options available to you is extremely large. There is an option for every situation.

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Check their online ratings and customer reviews

Awnings provide so much in the way of expanding our outside entertainment and living areas. They are highly popular and good-looking additions to many homes. It naturally follows that finding awnings specialists is becoming even easier as time goes by. Many of these companies can be found now through the internet, and search sites such as Uptasker make it faster and more convenient to find the right supplier for your needs. Uptasker has the advantage of listing in geographical areas, so you can find suppliers close to where you are. In addition, through this site, you will be able to find online ratings and customer reviews, together with one-click links to company websites, if available. Never underestimate the power of customer reviews, as they will give you a very good indication of the service, quality and reliability levels you can expect to receive. If you wish to use more traditional methods, then you need to look at architectural, house and home magazines, general interest magazines, or even attend Home Expos. Flyers are also a great way to find a good price if specials are being offered at certain times. And never underestimate the power that comes from word-of-mouth referrals.

Top awning specialist tips

Top awning specialist tips

You may have an idea of exactly what you want when it comes to the design of an awning, but you need to remember that you are not a specialist in the field, and there may be many options available to you which you are unaware of. Awning specialists with years of experience and knowledge will be able to guide you as to the best choice for your needs. They know the pitfalls of unwise and hasty choices, and will be only too pleased to advise you on the best options and pricing. Whether you plan to really expand your living areas into the garden year-round or just want the occasional cooler – or drier – entertainment area, there is an awning suitable for the job. Since awnings can be made to almost any size, shape or colour, your choices are almost (but not quite) limitless. For more tips and information, see Uptasker’s awning specialist articles.

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