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we do diagnostic, repairs and servicing of all electrical components on vehicles including starters, alternators, lighting, sound systems immobilizers ECU diagnostic and codes clearing Etc we are also mobile to provide service to your do steps.

Mobile Auto Electricians

Hillcrest Heights, Cape Town, WC (2.5km from Blue Downs)
Mobile auto electricians was est in 2015,consists of two qualified technicians.We come out to yr house/premises and our services are affordable without compromising on quality.Services include : auto electrical and mechanial repairs.

Battery HQ

Kuils River, Cape Town, WC (8.4km from Blue Downs)
Battery HQ provides auto electrician services in Kuils River, Western Cape and surrounding suburbs.

Smiths Auto Electrical

Brackenfell South, Cape Town, WC (12.6km from Blue Downs)
We are a Professional auto electrical workshop situated in Brackenfell, Cape Town. Since last year we have started undergoing a metamorphosis where the new generation is taking over and bringing a new element to the business yet still keeping the old values that has made this company great . We specialize in all auto electrical work including starters, alternators, accessory installations, wiring, aircons, diagnostics and much more. What has made us well known around these parts is our professional service and impeccable workmanship which we pride ourselves on and we intend on building this reputation up to even higher standards...

Manies Motolek

Parow East, Cape Town, WC (13.2km from Blue Downs)
Auto Electrical Repairs Auto Air-conditioning Alternators and Starters Fault finding Diagnostic testing

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How can an auto electrician help me?

An auto electrician is responsible for the installation, maintenance, identification of faults and repair of electrical wiring and computer-based equipment in motor vehicles and related equipment, such as caravans, trailers, earthmoving, agricultural and mining equipment and marine applications. As increasing numbers of modern vehicles are fitted with more and more complex technological innovations, the general vehicle mechanic may not have the required skills to repair problems in this highly specialized area. This is where an auto electrician is needed.

What exactly does an auto electrician do?

Auto electricians are responsible for the maintenance and repair of all vehicle electrical systems and components. These include ignition, fuel injection and engine management systems, anti-lock braking, battery, wiring and charging systems, heating and air conditioning systems, lighting and indicators.

If you want to ‘pimp your ride’ by installing additional components in your vehicle, such as a superior sound system, CD-player, rear- or forward-vision cameras and sensors, or even additional lights and anti-theft systems, an auto electrician is your go-to specialist.

Some of the diagnostic and maintenance responsibilities of an auto electrician include, amongst others :

  • locating the source of electrical problems from a ‘check-engine’ light to a faulty window motor by performing vehicle diagnostics using tools such as multimeters, oscilloscopes, OBD and manufacturer-specific scan-tools;
  • through the use of diagnostics, identify problems in various areas such as electronic steering, ABS brake systems and airbag systems;
  • testing and repairing electronic fuel injection and ignition systems, as well as electronic fuel pumps;
  • diagnosing and replacing faulty alternators, starter motors and batteries and set engine timing;
  • installing new vehicle wiring systems or repairing and replacing faulty wiring or electrical systems;
  • diagnosing and resolving electrical issues;
  • servicing and repairing electrical automotive parts and electrical systems on agricultural vehicles.

An auto electrician must have certain natural attributes as well as specific training in order to fulfill his responsibilities, such as :

  • a technical or electrical diploma or equivalent qualification;
  • extensive knowledge of modern vehicular electrical systems;
  • the ability to work standing or in a crouched position for long periods;
  • being able to work in confined spaces;
  • complex problem-solving skills;
  • good communication skills;
  • proven work experience as an auto electrician;
  • ability to operate electrical diagnostic equipment;
  • be technically knowledgeable in the use of the necessary equipment and machinery to do the job.

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Auto electricians are most easily found through dealer workshops or in independent service centers. Experienced, skilled and knowledgeable auto electricians may also work independently, offering their services to vehicle owners or vehicle service centres. They may also be contacted through advertisements in motoring magazines and publications, newspapers and the Yellow Pages. They may even put out flyers at certain times, offering special deals for a set period. Searching the internet is not a guaranteed method of locating auto electricians at this point, but sites such as Uptasker are extremely useful resources if you choose to go this route. Uptasker lists geographically, making it easier to find the right supplier in your area, as well as providing online ratings and customer reviews, which are the best ways of assessing the reputation and reliability of any supplier. Auto electricians do not have the need to host their own websites due to the unique technical nature of their work, which does not lend itself to complex web advertisements. The best method, by far, of finding a good auto electrician is by word of mouth, as most service centres, dealers and private vehicle owners have their own preferred technicians or on-site specialists.

Top auto electrician tips

Top auto electrician tips

Since your car is one of your most expensive investments, it pays to ensure that it is properly maintained, and this is particularly important for technologically advanced modern vehicles where, unfortunately, there are more complex functions that can - and do - go wrong at times. Even if you are simply trying to upgrade your older vehicle with a better sound system or electronic parking sensors, for instance, you need the services of an auto electrician. Don’t try and save costs by looking for the cheapest supplier as it may well cost you far more in the long run, so rather use the best auto electrician you can afford. For more tips, see our auto electrician articles.

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