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Motion Electronics

Windsor West, Randburg, GP (17.9km from Krugersdorp)
We are qualified technicians with over 10years experience who are qualified to fix and install a wide range of Electronics ranging from Televisions, home theaters, dvds, Amplifiers, Access controls, intercoms, disco machines, Public Address Systems, car radios, Microwaves, Toasters, Chip Fryers, Mixers, washing machines, Dishwashers, Tumble dryers,Televesions.
The services was great, so organized and the technicians know what they were doing. Great work :)
 |  Posted 1 year ago

Appliance Repair Pros Roodepoort

Weltevredenpark, Roodepoort, GP (12.7km from Krugersdorp)
COMPANY CITY Appliance Repairs CITY. When your cleaning device, oven, dishwashing machine, or fridge quits working, it generally happens at the most troublesome time. Get your appliance up and running as soon as possible and call an appliance pro here. Why Use COMPANY CITY? There are numerous factors to use an appliance repair pro and listed below are just a couple of: We come out to you as soon as possible since we comprehend how troublesome life is without your appliance. Give us a call now to arrange a convenient time! Highly trained and expert specialists. Your appliance repair professional...


Doornkop, Soweto, GP (15.5km from Krugersdorp)
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Refrigeration And Appliances Repairs Onsite

Randpark Ridge, Randburg, GP (16.3km from Krugersdorp)
WE SPECIALIZE IN ALL MAJOR BRANDS IN REPAIR AND SERVICES ONSITE SAME DAY WITH A GUARANTEE ON WORK DONE •••• • REFRIGERATION we repairing fridge all models both Industrial and Commercial regassing onsite.. ●AIR CONDITIONING We specialist in air conditioner repairing and services on site . We do Installations, movings from place to place .. we offer you guarantee on we done . Qualified technicians they specialised in all models both Industrial and Commercial air conditioning. Please feel free to conduct us for Quotations.

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How can an appliance repair specialist help me?

Whilst our modern appliances are wonderful assets around the home, they are less than convenient when they occasionally break down. Our washing machines, refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners and televisions, for instance, are taken very much for granted, but throw us into a panic when they fail us due to mechanical or electronic breakdowns. We are fortunate in that there are many appliance repair specialists who can come to our homes and carry out the necessary repairs on site rather than removing them for a few days. Very often you will find that the company which sold you the appliance has its own repair specialists who always carry parts for the machines they sell. 

Convenience and speed of repair are key factors

Large and heavy appliances such as washing machines, tumble dryers, refrigerators, deep freezers, electric stoves, and dishwashers cannot simply be loaded into domestic cars and taken to a repair shop. Apart from the labour involved in actually moving the appliance, there is the unwanted inconvenience of having to operate a household without these essential items, even for a short period. We have all known that sinking feeling when the fridge or freezer stops working, and we have to urgently call on friends or neighbours who can store our cold and frozen goods whilst repairs are carried out. How many of us have been left with a washing machine halfway through its cycle which suddenly stops dead, leaving us with sopping wet and soapy contents? That is the time to call the appliance repair specialist, who will come to your home and, if you are lucky, fix the problem on site the same day. Most of these specialists carry a fairly large stock of spare parts for many different makes and types of appliances, and will try to ensure that they have the parts available on their arrival. From the initial phone call or internet chat, they will obtain as much information as possible about the problem, make and model of the appliance, and ensure that they are carrying the necessary parts. If, for any reason, the appliance cannot be repaired on site, they will take it to their workshop for repair.

They will often also provide valuable information and tips on keeping your appliance in perfect working order. You may be lucky enough to find a repair specialist who is willing to provide an emergency service outside of normal working hours, or even one who will provide you with a replacement appliance on loan whilst yours is being repaired, but this is not always possible and is an extra and complimentary service offered by only a few repair companies. If you find one who offers this additional service, you will have found an exceptional service provider.

Assisted repairs

There are times when it is simply not necessary to call in an appliance repair specialist. Sometimes very simple repairs can be done through telephonic guidance from the specialist, especially if the repair is minor and only needs an adjustment or unclogging of a drainpipe which homeowners can do themselves. The more complex our electronic appliances become, the more can - and does - go wrong at times, but a savvy homeowner can sometimes repair simple faults with telephonic help from a repair specialist.

How to find the right appliance repair specialist

Check their online ratings and customer reviews

These specialists can easily be found through advertisements in home magazines, home catalogues, industrial catalogues, newspapers, flyers and the Yellow Pages. Along with many other businesses, they are becoming more visible through internet searches, and Uptasker is able to offer much assistance in your search, especially with regard to specialists in your geographical area. Uptasker provides the names, contact details, links to websites (if available), online rating and customer reviews of the appliance repair specialists closest to you. A huge advantage is being able to request quotes from different contractors for quick comparison. Word of mouth is still, by far, the best recommendation for completely unbiased reviews from people you know, and there will always be someone who has needed one of these specialists at some time.

Top appliance repair specialist tips

Top appliance repair specialist tips

Good quality household appliances are expensive and have to last for a long time. Whilst we are careful to keep them clean and maintained to the best of our ability, they still suffer wear and tear, and problems inevitably arise. When things go wrong, call in the best specialist for the job, and if you are fortunate, the repair will be carried out quickly and in your own home, thereby keeping inconvenience to the minimum. Always deal with experienced, skilled and reputable repair specialists who will help to prolong the life of your household appliances and keep them operating at prime efficiency levels. For more tips, see our appliance repair specialist articles.

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