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What can a home appliance installer help with?

It is always exciting to buy a large new appliance such as a dishwasher, washing machine or a high-tech refrigerator with a plumbed-in cold-water and ice dispenser system, but it is often beyond the householder’s capabilities to get everything correctly positioned or installed and hooked into the property’s utilities. This is where the home appliance installer is an invaluable asset.

Duties of a home appliance installer

Basic installations

Many of our larger home appliances are too large for the homeowner to collect them from the seller. Not all of us have vehicles spacious enough to carry very large items like washing machines, refrigerators, dish-washers and chest deep-freezers, neither do we have the necessary manpower to offload these machines and carry them to their intended positions. We can organise our own deliveries, but this does not mean that the appliance will be installed and ready to use once the delivery people have gone.

Many stores offer their own home delivery services, and on simple installations, their delivery staff will unpack the appliance from its packaging crate or box, hook it up to the inlet and outlet water pipes if required, adjust the feet so that the machine is standing level, and place it securely in its intended position. Some items such as washing machines are fitted with shipping brackets which hold the drum securely in place during transit to prevent damage. These HAVE to be removed properly and the drum checked for freedom of movement before being used for the first time. This is a simple task for the delivery installer to perform.

Technical installations

There are, however, some appliances which require more specialised installation technicians, such as gas and electric ovens, hobs and extractor fans, fixed room air conditioners and appliances such as built-in microwave ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines and tumble-dryers which are concealed behind cupboard doors in the kitchen or utility room. It is vital that these appliances are provided with enough airflow around them so that they do not overheat in very confined spaces, and the appliance installer is the specialist in such situations.

An appliance installer will be responsible for fitting items such as roof wind turbine air ventilator systems within the home. Alternatively, you could find a builder or handyman to fit these. Audio visual and home theatre systems are also the responsibility of home installation experts, who will attend to the cabling required to link the systems and ensure that they are ‘communicating’ correctly with each component in the system.

Appliance installers will sometimes have to work with additional specialists such as electricians, plumbers and gas suppliers, who work within their own specific compliance guidelines, and are aware of the local municipal by-laws pertaining to their specialist disciplines. The job of an electrician will effectively finish at the electrical socket once the electricity supply has been routed to where it is needed. A plumber will be responsible for fitting any additional water supply pipes which require stop-cock valves. Appliances which use gas will have to have a professional supplier to position the gas tank and route the gas safely to the appliance to ensure that there are no leaks.

Choosing the right appliance installer

Decide what type of installation you need

The choice of home appliance installer will depend largely on the appliance being fitted or connected into the home, as can be seen above. It is better to use an installer who is familiar with the appliance and is experienced in that particular sphere. Appliance installers will often be recommended by the sellers of various machines and equipment, as their reputation will be well known. If the seller does not know of any installers, be sure to ask around and check with people who have had appliances installed in their own homes.

Check their ratings and reviews online

Look at adverts in newspapers and magazines, but always check references before appointing any tradesman for a specialised installation, to avoid potentially costly mistakes and damage. Uptasker is an excellent resource when searching for the right installer and enables you check online references immediately.

Top home appliance installation tips

Top home appliance installation tips

The pleasure and convenience of buying and using new appliances can never be over-estimated. However, you want these appliances to last for many years, and to operate without niggling problems which arise from a badly planned or poorly executed installation. Be sure to choose both the appliances and the installers wisely and carefully, and they will give you many years of excellent service. Never try to cut costs when it comes to installations, and give your installer the due credit he so richly deserves in helping to make your life that much easier. For more tips, see our home appliance installer articles.

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