Window Cleaning Job - Northwold, GP, 2188

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Sheila H.
3 days ago
Location Northwold, Randburg, Gauteng, 2188 View map
When Next few weeks
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3 bedroomed home in complex with sun room and maid's room. All with cottage pane windows. Requiring cleaning both inside and out.

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Posted by
When: Next few weeks
Job Description: I have a window above my entrance that is triangular and about 2m x 2m. I need it cleaned. The issue is that it is about 3m high and a standard ladder doesn't work to well. I suspect you might need to use some form of scaffolding to clean inside and outside. How much will it cost for you to...
Nov 17, 2021
Posted by
Hanlie N.
When: Next few weeks
Job Description: Total of 200 windows to be washed on outside of 5 storey residential building. Rope workers required.
Oct 21, 2021