Appliance Repairs Job - Goodwood, WC, 7460

Posted by
Lionel I.
2 days ago
Location Goodwood, Cape Town, Western Cape, 7460 View map
When I'm flexible
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Water leck from the fridge door. It's an LG. Please give me a call at your soonest. Thanks.

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Posted by
Justine S.
When: I'm flexible
Job Description: Our vaccuum is making a really high-pitched noise and sounds like it is about to break. We have changed the filter and there doesn't seem to be any blockage, but we would like to get it looked at before it gets much worse. It is an AEG Electrolux airmax aam6102 1800 WATT Microfilter. Please let me know if it is...
Nov 26, 2021
Posted by
Ms P.
When: ASAP, next few days
Job Description: Microwave stopped working. It is completely dead. No display on screen, no sound, nothing. I tried to put it in other plugs, still not going on. It could be : main fuse ceramic fuse or thermoprotectors. It appears that the thermoprotector got damaged, burned.
Nov 20, 2021