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The Tree Clinic

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Woodpecker Tree Fellers

For over 20 years, Woodpecker Tree Fellers has been providing superb service and complete customer satisfaction to all our clients and new customers alike. We strive to bring you competitive...


Looking for top notch tree felling and gardening services within Durban? Then we’re the company for you, We are fully insured and provide free quotations! Our philosophy is to service...

Jabulani Tree Fellers

Jabulani Tree Fellers specializes in felling trees, palm tree cleaning up, stump removal, trimming and pruning, instant lawns and compost, lawn dressing, bush clearing, and rubble removal service.

Tree Fellin Joburg

Tree Fellin Joburg is Johannesburg North's leading company of Tree Felling, Tree Trimming, Removal as well as Tree Treatment. We deal with each job as if it were our very...

Https: Www Arborcarepretoria Com

The trees in our community are some of our most valuable assets; therefore, their care should only be entrusted to skilled professionals. Our specialised arborists and plant health care technicians...

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What can tree service experts help with?

Experts in tree services have two main areas of expertise – either trimming and removing trees or planting mature trees in newly developed areas or in garden renovations. These are the people who transform private and public spaces into functional and beautiful areas with well-established or mature trees through their services and expertise.

Supply and planting of mature trees

Planting mature trees in an otherwise new and unplanted area will immediately give a sense of beauty, establishment and permanence. New developments such as shopping centres, office parks, hospitals and clinics, schools and housing estates incorporate open areas which have to be appealing to everyone who uses them, and form a major part of the external facade of any development. Architects and landscapers work together in creating buildings and associated landscaping which meld together seamlessly to create an environment which is both attractive and pleasant to be in. Such an environment cannot be slowly developed over many years, but has to be created within a very short space of time, and much of this is done by getting the tree service experts to transport and plant specifically selected mature trees which have been grown in their own nurseries and carefully nurtured to allow for successful relocation and healthy continued growth in their intended environments. Tree service experts are extremely knowledgeable in the growth habits and conditions in which different species of trees will thrive, and are therefore the perfect source of information when choosing the trees for any environment. They will advise, deliver and plant the trees where they are required in their new locations, as well as providing advice on keeping these valuable and beautiful assets healthy for many years to come.

Tree trimming, felling and removal

You may have trees in your garden which have grown to such an extent that they are cutting out valuable light and stunting the growth of the surrounding grass and planting, dropping leaves and berries into your swimming pool because of overhanging branches, or clogging gutters where the branches need to be trimmed back from the roof area.

Perhaps your mature tree has been damaged by a storm or high winds and needs severe trimming to repair and save the tree. These are common problems in mature gardens, where the trees have been in place for many years and may not have been regularly trimmed.Perhaps you have trees which have fallen prey to disease and are dying, or whose surface roots are breaking surrounding brickwork or tiles and causing a tripping hazard or structurally damaging building walls, necessitating the complete removal of the tree. Whilst you can easily trim lower branches, it can be a huge problem trying to tackle a major trimming exercise yourself, and this is when you need to call in the experts. Similarly, when it comes to the complete felling, root removal and disposal of a mature tree, you will need the expertise and equipment of a tree service expert. These are the specialists who have heavy-duty pruning, cutting and digging equipment, as well as the means of removing large pieces of tree-trunk and branches and disposing of them safely. They are aware that tall trees which are near buildings or other trees must be removed safely, which means cutting from the top down.

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Whether you are trying to trim, remove or plant mature trees, you will find the right tree service experts to help you. They can be found through their advertising presence in newspapers, magazines, home catalogues or magazines, flyers, the Yellow Pages and, more and more often, via the internet on their own web pages. Sites such as Uptasker are extremely useful and convenient resources in this regard, as you will find different supplier listings for your geographical area, as well as links to their websites, online ratings and customer reviews. If you are looking for online quotes, Uptasker is an ideal site for obtaining quotes from different suppliers and comparing these immediately, so you can be sure of getting the best cost estimate. However, always check online ratings, reviews or customer testimonials, as these will highlight any supplier’s professional attitude and knowledge, reliability, quality of service and product, as well as value for money. 

Top tree service expert tips

Top tree service expert tips

When it comes to trimming tall and hardy trees, having to completely remove unsightly or dangerous trees, or enhancing our outside environment by planting mature and well-established trees in new gardens or open spaces, we need the services of tree experts. All new private, commercial, corporate, retail or healthcare building developments depend on these experts to beautify the surroundings and help to blend the complex into the environment in an eco-friendly manner. Our towns and cities would be much less environmentally appealing without the services of tree service experts, and we should never disregard their valuable contribution to our outdoor relaxation and living spaces. For more tips, see our tree service expert articles.

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Mose Tree Felling

We have been in business for many years, as tree felling specialists with a loyal client base all over Gauteng Province. Our consistent, high-quality service and dedication to our clients’...

Divine Landscapes

Divine Landscapes specialise in the supply and export of large specimen plants to the Landscape Industry and Plant lovers abroad.


Operating in and around Kwa-Zulu Natal, CPS Landscaping is a team of trained and experienced professional tree fellers. We take pride in our work. Whatever tree service you require, we...

Pro Tree Felling

We also have certified and fully educated arborists on staff of provide counsel or assistance. These individuals are trained in the science and art of planting and maintaining of individual...

Tree Felling Group

Tree Felling Group – Pretoria is locally owned and operated. Our expertise and quality tree felling services are widely recognized throughout the Gauteng Area. The truth about Tree felling Pretoria...

Urban Forest Recycling

Welcome to the URBAN FOREST Website URBAN FOREST is a company that was formed with the expertise of Johannesburg's, oldest, most experienced and knowledgeable tree maintenance companies. This acquisition has...

Dmike Trefelling

For the best tree service in gauteng province Such as Trimming of tall palms Transplanting of big trees Removal of dangerous trees Stump grinding and removal Bush clearance Site clearance...

Earth Value Systems

Services ✔ tree felling / stump removal ✔ landscaping ✔ site clearing ✔ stump removal ✔ tree felling ✔ tree cutting


Big leaf Tree Felling is a 24-hour professional tree felling company focused on SAFETY and SERVICE EXCELLENCE. Established in 2013, the company has grown into a large and dynamic enterprise...

Tree Felling Masters

Tree Felling Masters Centurion provides a range of tree felling services Centurion, Boomsloping Centurion, Stump removal Centurion, site clearance Centurion and myriad tree felling services throughout Pretoria and surrounding areas....

Habitat Mature Tree Nursery

As mature tree experts in the Western Cape, we produce high quality big trees for sale to landscapers, commercial developers or the private individual seeking instant appeal and impact


Had a large tree felled. All wood removed from site and area cleaned. Very fair price. Will use Arbor Care again when required.