Top 10 E-learning Topics In Computers And IT

Following are the current top ten most popular e-learning topics from around the web, we hope you enjoy and find it useful …

Top 10 E-learning Topics In Computers and IT

Introduction to C, PHP and JavaScript

For any beginner this course could be crucial if they want to pursue their career in computer programming. This course covers basics of computer language, data structure, debugging, testing etc. and also helps to develop key skills for programming. Learn Learn PHP, JavaScript.

Digital Computer Organization

For those who have knowledge of computers and IT, they can easily opt for Digital Computer Organization course. This course is available online by some of the best university, and it covers the topics like CPU design, Timing and Control, Memory organization, Cache memory architecture, RAM architecture, DAM architecture etc.

High Performance Computing

The objective of this course is to learn how to improve the quality of the programs that you write to execute. This course will enhance your skill on programming language, and discuss various activities that happen during programming and how they are managed by the hardware and software system. It covers topics like processes and system calls, process management, use of memory by program, data and control hazards etc.

Data Structures and Algorithms

This course explains about how to manage the data, and introduce you to arrays, list, stacks, queue, heaps, graphs, trees etc.

Digital Circuits and Systems

This course gives a broad explanation about the circuit’s framework and its functionality. In this course, you can learn about parity generator and display decoder, introduction to sequential circuits, T flip flop, and shift registers etc.

Data base design and management course

If you are looking for a course which can help you to manage data and to understand business process at same time this course is perfect, this course includes Introduction to Data Warehousing and OLAP, XML databases, Query optimization and processing, conceptual design, relational model etc.

Artificial Intelligence

This course has attracted many students recently, as it is different from the regular computer programming courses. It makes machines mimics exactly like humans by programming them, and makes computers easy to interact with people.

Computer Game Architecture

If you enjoy gaming and curious about its functionality. This course definitely gives you an edge above other traditional computer courses. It brings all the skills together of developer, designer, artificial intelligence, etc to develop a game. This course is designed for those students who are interested in the programming aspects of game development.

CSCI for developing Mobile Apps

With the increase in the craze of android phones, mobile apps developing courses are getting little attention as well. Students have drifted towards mobile apps development courses. Little knowledge on HTML, JavaScript and CSS can give you an easy hand over this course.

Network and Computer Security

Security breach has become more common in IT and mobile world with the introduction of new viruses and malwares. And to defend against them such courses are designed. This course introduces students to various network and computer security related topics like cryptography, intrusion detection with secure operating systems.


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