Self Employment

There is quite a demand for self employment ideas as more and more people seek to work their own hours, be it a change of work completely, or to gain employment due to being unemployed for a long time. So, how do you find some good ideas to support yourself and your new venture while avoiding many of the pit-falls others have fallen into due to lack of experience of lack of planning?

Searching online can be a great way to learn, to hear both positive and negative feedback others have faced when starting a new self employment opportunity. Some quality ideas you can rely upon when looking for your own business opportunity are through marketing, online auction sites or via passive income.

Marketing – There are a huge amount of websites out there in cyber-space and this has helped inspire a whole new range of self-employment ideas based around marketing. Companies need to pursue all the marketing opportunities they can from creating their own blogs, to posting articles all geared to try and improve their search engine rankings. These marketing solutions are often outsourced which allows people to take advantage of these opportunities via writing.  How this is approached is the difference between managing a small team of writers who work on your behalf – or you spending hours alone trying to come up with ideas to satisfy marketing demands? If your business is not at this level yet – do you possess good writing skills?  If so why not out source yourself as a writer for another business or company.


Auction sites – creating your own business can often be an extremely hard and demanding job, and it is often too much for one person to start up. So why not use auction sites to your advantage, sites such as e-bay allow businesses to open store-fronts to sell a variety of goods, from clothes to electronics. If you are interested in selling goods online – through a well established site – this can create a strong opportunity for someone, with limited risks and being able to reach a huge community of buyers. Doing this can also eventually lead to you starting your own business and stand alone website or expand into other online auction websites to increase your success. It is self employment ideas like these that are pursued by many on sites like e-bay and quick-sales, with much success.

Passive Income – when someone has little time available and can’t spend hours loading goods to E-bay or writing for websites one great idea is to look for websites that offer passive income solutions.  This type of income focuses on creating an online resource where you might be responsible for sales or managing inventory with you being asked to dedicate only a little time towards your online business. This is great for those wanting a second income but who have little time to spend on more involved online work. It is also a great way to find if you are suited to work like this before throwing in your full time job.

These three self employment ideas have helped many individuals achieve their goals of running their own business, working from home or gaining a second income. Take some time to look into your options and what suits you best, decide what you have time for and what it is you would like to achieve. None of these ideas are *get rich quick* schemes and still require hard work and dedication.

Have you tried any self employment opportunities such as these? Do you run your own business from home?  Are there any drawbacks? Do you have any suggestions to share? Is there a self-employment opportunity we didn’t mention? Join in and share your thoughts.


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