React.js for UI Consultants

Moving from Angular to React.js

Moving away from the principles of software design which may not be suitable for beginners for any website design companies, React.js introduces familiar concepts to any JavaScript developer assisting them to quickly get started on any project with just JavaScript knowledge alone. React is open source with large a community developed by the Facebook team and is great for UI consultants looking to improve their web or mobile applications. The library is flexible enough it makes every JavaScript developer comfortable when starting to write any front-end applications with JavaScript, the component driven architecture that react has its robust for all UI/UX prototyping on projects for clients to quickly put any usable interface given any project for clients to test the look and feel of the application usability for a small team, here is how the design company can quickly create enterprise grade applications that work well and easy to test.

React.js for UI Consultants

Declarative approach is suitable for business

React is very fast for project development truly opens itself up to a wider scope of web developers of all kinds simply extending React.js components and applying the render capabilities of the React.js library a developer is able to mix HTML like or XML like syntax with JavaScript and use Object literals to bind properties with component props to track state of the properties. If you are coming from the world of AngularJS you will quickly feel the freedom of expressiveness of the library that it provides as developers are not restricted to one way of doing things, the React.js library doesn’t force any specific type of paradigm or patterns to a developer which makes it very complex as applications scale instead any library can imported into the ecosystem whereby other frameworks like angular makes this very difficult and development takes very long even with the testing involved, React.js source is easily readable and well documented for any developer to pickup from the first week, Business related applications using React.js on the front-end benefit a lot from the flexibility and ease of communicating the underlying steps towards a specific prototypes or production application ideas this is why its very important to look into the future of React.js.

React goes native for android app development

Developing mobile applications with React.js library its simpler than it is using Java or its language sister Kotlin, Apache Cordova and phone gap use too much resources on the mobile device also rely on the web view that the phones provide, React.js Native source is compiled to native code making it easier to maintain mobile apps faster, React.js is truly cross-platform technology allowing developers to write once run everywhere, Companies make better informed decisions when hiring a React.js skilled JavaScript developer it saves the companies a lot of financial tech debt. When writing React.js applications for both mobile and website there are 3rd party libraries that extend well with React.js such as KendoUI from Telerik and popular mobile UI design frameworks such as OnsenUI integrating other frameworks with the React.js library is easier thus making React.js the most adopted JavaScript library that doesn’t force developers to use TypeScript for projects although its possible to use TypeScript but its not compulsory, Here is why choosing React.js makes application development flow a much better transition.

Presentation over complexity

React.js challenges many popular frameworks by being a library it proves that every case study that Facebook has done regarding developing single page applications(SPA) they did it better, When a library is released often the case is developers try to figure out if its going to be something that quickly dies in the future, but in this case React.js has a support contract that ensures no breaking changes with existing applications makes it not necessary to track version numbers, the power of object oriented programming in JavaScript plays a big part when using React.js employers should ensure that candidates have OOP and Problem solving skills on their CVs, React.js is not opinionated so there is freedom for companies to add their own business logic to the bound APIs. React.js is more powerful when developing using async programming paradigms any hooks that the library uses and its API is similar to the native browser API, Other frameworks introduce syntax that doesn’t exist on the browser. Creating a React.js application is very easy with less configurations for advanced modes such as concurrent modes there are no documentation its better to keep your application simpler and direct hence experimenting with the library doesn’t come without risks.


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