Overcoming Job Interview Stupor

Each and every one who has been searching for a job at some point in the life knows that interviews can be quite tricky sometimes even for those people who are perfect for the position they are applying for. Sometimes employers ask really ridicules questions and don’t get me started on all those kinds of tests…psychometric tests, aptitude tests, verbal tests, numerical tests, there are so many different kinds of stupid test that it is really pointless to list each one of them.

Of course, ideally tests help avoiding bias and they are meant to make an interview process as objective as possible but the thing is that sometimes even very talented people who have creative attitude of mind can’t deal with the test because they are forced to think “in the box” and they are not used to it. And even though you usually get notice in advance that you are going to have to take test, it’s really challenging to memorize all the information you need on such short notice. You are supposed to know a bunch of stuff such as numbers and statistics and sometimes it’s so easy to get lost in all this information. In these situations people often wish there was someone to help them to get through this stupid interview. Luckily, there is a device that can help with that – micro earpiece.

Micro earpiece is a tiny and completely unnoticeable device that will help you getting through any stressful events including interviews. To use the earpiece you don’t need any special equipment, only cell phone with Bluetooth function. The transmitter that goes in the set with micro earpiece connects your cell phone to the earpiece, so you can have covert communication with your partner without being noticed. And the communication is not one-sided because Bluetooth transmitter has highly sensitive microphone built-in, so your partner will hear even your whisper.

To make the most out of your interview with the help of micro earpiece you first of all have to find a partner who will assist you through the whole process and will give you tips when needed. Prepare all the information you might need beforehand so it would be easy to find what you need. And though some preparation is still needed, overall these spy sets are extremely easy to use – all you have to do is turn on the transmitter, connect it to your phone via Bluetooth, insert the earpiece into your ear and you are ready for any question


One of the most important advantages of a new generation of micro earpieces is that they work for an extensive period of time (up to 8 hours) which is more than enough for passing any test and ergonomic design of the device makes it completely safe for wearing.

When you are using micro earpiece you can be sure that any time you need a tip on how to answer tricky questions your friend will help you out.

Hi, my name’s Steward Copper and I am the owner of Project Management Insights. While working as a project coordinator and BA, I have tried almost all possible PM tools, BA instruments, collaboration programs, including tracker and task management software solutions. I also write for different blogs sharing my knowledge and observations.


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