How Millennials Are Changing The Workplace For The Better

If you want something done, give it to someone who is busy, now if you want something done ‘better’ you give it to the Millennial…. Said me, just some Gen X chick about the new guy on the block.

How millennials are changing the workplace for the better

Now I just need to get my hands on a millennial or two to thrust my business into the new age. Because these guys and gals are switched on… And by switched on I mean connected. How on earth can someone have 2000 friends on Facebook, and a Twitter feed of 3000? What’s going on;did they actually send a friend request to every single person they’ve ever met? And they accepted?

I regularly have a spring clean of my social circle, friends that become acquaintances and acquaintances that are finally ‘unfriended’. It turns out the Millennials have a different way of doing things and that’s by forming a type of collective consciousness through hyper connectivity. They are so intertwined with what’s happening in the world that it shouldn’t come as a shock when they start having the most entrepreneurial ideas. They can draw upon a massive pool of like minded individuals and make real change if they see an injustice in the world, or a gap in the market.

This opens untold doors of which us oldies are just figuring out. When this translates into dollar signs you see companies like UBER taking on the taxis, Netflix taking on pay TV, while Reddit and Twitter are taking on current events quicker than old school reporters can. The list can go on for days.

Which industry will they redefine next?

And this is where Millennials are paving the way to a more enlightened, and perhaps Utopian, world free of sweatshops and greenhouse pollution. Good luck going to market with a product or service that hasn’t been properly screened from thought through to fruition. If by chance the product in question was made in unsavoury circumstances, and should catch the eye of a millennial, you’ll be inundated with a multitude of bad press and ridicule. ‘All press is good press’ is a thing of the past and no one wants to buy that thing that’s been down voted to oblivion.

This is a prime example of how they are changing the workplace and world for the better;  they are injecting responsibility into the workplace and not being bogged down by old doctrine. By the power of the collective they can bring the mega corporations to their knees, or at the very least guide them in the direction they’d like. Who’d have thought that was possible. Millennials are a generation overwhelmingly dedicated to social and civic justice and it reflects in the huge swing towards alternate ‘green’ energy and free thinking. Millennials, it turns out, are in tune with forward thinking and growing; that comes by innovation and perseverance.

Millennials are introducing flexibility into the workplace – amen to that. I can’t believe managers of old were obsessed with ‘how many hours you put in the office’. Now with the insurgence of Millennials in the work arena they are now focusing on ‘Results’ based relationships, whether its from home or on the road.

Millennials create the bulk of the user-generated content on the web these days and use the flexibility of digital technology to overcome obstacles such as geography and inequality. Previously many industry sectors would have been bias towards people of different nationality, religion, gender, age, disability or those with a language barrier. Now through innovation and perseverance these walls are fast becoming a thing of the past because a lot of the changes that Millennials instigated help us all. You can create your own persona online and not the one dealt to you at birth.

Its very hard to teach a old dog new tricks but I’m sure there’s an App out there that some clever Millennial has created that can.


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