Finding Work In The Hospitality Industry

For many school leavers and University graduates the world of tourism and travel is exciting and fun. It’s a great way to travel the world with the possibility to live and work in some wonderful places. It’s also a great way to make money finding hospitality jobs at resorts, hotels, on cruise ships, bars, restaurants clubs etc. What a way to travel and earn money all at the same time.

There are actually more positions in the hospitality industry than you realise and with hotels, spas, resorts, restaurants, sporting facilities and more needing casual to full time staff you’ll be sure to find something – just some of the hospitality jobs include





*Instructors (Tennis, golf, fishing, windsurfing, scuba diving)




*Spa worker

*Entertainment (singers, dancers)


It doesn’t matter if you are working on land or on sea hospitality work no matter where it is is all the same. With so many different roles available it’s a great way to gain experience, or to learn a new career, and with the variety – you’ll be sure to find an area that you love. If you are working at sea on one of the cruise liners while the job description remains the same – housekeeper, waiter, chef, barman you will need to understand more about the sea itself, marine terminology and be prepared to be working away from home for extended periods of time. On the plus side on your days off you’ll be able to take advantage of the ships activities and adventures on land when the ship docks at various destinations.

There are some entry level positions you can apply for and be trained for later including kitchen staff, waiters, barmen and housekeeping staff, while other positions require qualifications – including hair dresser, masseuse, chef, concierge etc.

The best thing about working in the hospitality industry is you will be able to travel the world and work at some of the biggest and best resorts, cruise liners and hotels in the world. Apart from the travel you get to experience new cultures and countries and meet lots of different people. You might look for a part time job, or look for a whole new career and learn so much more about yourself in the meantime. The world is literally at your feet and with a background in hospitality you’ll find it much easier to find casual or part time work while you are abroad.

A big plus in terms of working for some of the big hotels, resorts and cruise liners is that often some or all of your living expenses are covered by your employer. This way you can save a lot more of the money you earn and you’ll be able to explore more of the area you’re living in and have money to spend on your days off. A lot of hospitality work is shift-work and you may have to work long days and hours with only one or two days off and you may find while you get time to yourself, it’s not enough. Depending on the role you have taken on you will also have to spend most of your work day stationed wherever you are – kitchen, spa, behind the bar or in the restaurant.




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