Business As A Career

To make the right career move, you must start at the beginning with proper planning and guidance. The question that every student would probably have at some point in their life would go like this – What can I do, where can I go and how to find the work that is truly satisfactory, both on the emotional and monetary level?


Business As A Career


If you are taking business as a career, then you must be aware of the fact that the landscape of business is constantly changing. Actually, it is an understatement because the field of business has been subjected to a number of radical changes and with the transition from industrial change to information change, the change has been drastic. And the security of tree has become a myth now. The security of tree means job security, where you get hired by a company and where you put your roots down by working well and staying there till you get promoted.

But now things have changed and you are constantly riding the platform where things are shaky and anything can happen to capsize the boat of your career. The threat of job insecurity forces people to take poor decisions regarding their career. But choosing business as career is a totally different ball game because you are heading in a different direction. However, before you embrace business as your career option, you must attend a course that will take you through the nuances of running a In order to succeed in the business world one must have a detailed understanding of the nuances of concepts.

Pursuing a Career in Business

Thus, pursuing the right degree is important in pursuing a career in business. If you choose to run your business, here are the options open before you:

  • Real estate and insurance
  • Marketing
  • Business management
  • Accounting Administration
  • Finance
  • General Business
  • Human Resources
  • Hospitality Management
  • Information Technology
  • Healthcare Management

You have a number of options when it comes to business studies. You can either finish all your courses and then start your business, or you can do an entry-level course and accept an entry-level job and then take off from there.

  • In option 1, you enjoy the advantage of on-job training. Several companies hire entry-level candidates and mould them to their requirements so they will be able to perform as per customer expectations. For an on-job training job, you don’t even have to pay tuition fees
  • In option 2, you may choose to take certification programs that would allow you to focus on your area of interest. Colleges, business schools, universities and other academic centers offer such courses and certificates after you are completed.
  • In option 3, you earn continuing education credits from the academic school that you joined by attending seminars and classes.
  • In option 4, 5 and 6 you can take an Associate Degree in Business Administration, Bachelors Degree or Master’s Degree in Business Administration.
  • In Option 7, you can continue with a PhD in Business Administration, the highest degree in business.


If you choose business as a viable career option, you must ask yourself these questions:

1. Do you have high energy levels?

2. Do you have a public role that you can perform to perfection?

3. Are you outgoing and enthusiastic?

4. A business person must be very observant and informed, are you so?

5. Do you have an eye for details?

6. Are you a thinker (cool, analytic, logical reasoning skills) and a feeler (empathetic and sensitive)?

7. Can you spot flaws?

8. Can you make decisions objectively?

9. Are you organized and productive?

10. Are you flexible, nonconforming and curious?

If you answer all these questions in the affirmative, then business as a career option would be good for you.


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