Avoiding Fatigue During Your Job Hunt

Health target: Increase salt and rejuvenate with fasting.

Are you feeling fatigued? Fortunately, there are a number of simple causes of fatigue. If we would eliminate these causes, fatigue would normally disappear. A rarely understood cause of fatigue is over-eating. It would seem that meals would be the very thing to help cure fatigue, but the reverse is actually the case. While a heavy meal might help you to sleep like a bear, it does not cause refreshment, putting the morning person in a partial stupor.

Too little exercise is another common cause of fatigue. It would appear that exercise would cause fatigue in itself – not so! If you’re an out-of-condition person and you start exercising, you’ll notice the disappearance of chronic fatigue like magic. The less you do, the less you can do. The more you do, the more are you capable of doing.

Another cause of weakness and fatigue is the intake of too little water. Drinking water will perk you up just like a wilted flower perks up given some water. Chronic dehydration is often caused by diuretics such as coffee, tea, cola, chocolate or general over-eating. This can be exacerbated by eating concentrated, rich or heavy food and consuming protein food supplements.

Other conditions that may cause fatigue are thyroid problems, blood sugar problems and many other chronic diseases.


You will feel fatigued if your blood iron or hemoglobin level is either too high from supplements or too low from not enough green foods. Hemoglobin levels can be brought down by doing more exercise and eating raw/simple-prepared vegetables and fruits, avoiding all rich or concentrated food, avoiding over-eating and preventing stress.

Stressful stimuli that are known to be fatigue producers include working in a noisy environment, being in a stressful or anxious state, having periods of lack of rest and depression. One of the first indicators of depression is fatigue. Overweight, overworked and depression are all related and all cause fatigue.

Poor air, especially in the bedroom while sleeping, is a common cause of early morning fatigue as well as headache. If exhaled impurities are taken into the blood again, the body must expend double the energy to throw them off.

Concentrated foods like refined oils and processed sugars are another cause of fatigue. (A healthy alternative I can highly recommend are these healthy cooking oils).

So stay healthy and energetic by eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, getting plenty of exercise and sleep!


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