Analysing Systems In The IT World

We have previously talked about three different areas we can consider as general categories in IT: tool developing, system analysis and customer support. The job of analysing systems is related but also very different from tool developing since the first is more focused on organisational efficiency. This is a very objective based role, and it can look like working with marketing research data, creating a computer network in a business, working with the business’ financial or security information, etc.

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This is definitely a teamwork type of job, since the analyst will not only be working with the manager of the company, but will have to work with a handful of people in order to make a system what it needs to be, including coders, programmers and equipment sellers. So the IT analyst’ job is definitely not an isolated one like we sometimes think when it comes to people who work in the computer science field.

Communication is key

How do you create a system from scratch? How do you improve one that is very far from meeting the requirements of the company? Well, every analyst starts with a conversation with the manager, who then explains what they need and why they need it. They might mention that the system they are currently using is too complicated, or they might be working with different systems with different functions, but would love to have everything in one place. One of the most common jobs for IT analysts is to help a company translate numeric information to understandable common language. This might involve helping communicate a business strategy, or working alongside the marketing department to see the numeric realities of a big campaign.

An analyst doesn’t always have to start from scratch on the other hand, part of their job is also to know what is available in the technology market in order to offer the most effective updates depending on what the company needs. This knowledge should involve software varieties, equipment available, functions and prices. Their job as you can clearly see involves both interpersonal skills in order to understand the need of the clients, and at the same time it involves analytical problem solving and management skills that will help them work with big projects and big teams.

A strategic eye

IT analysts are those people you don’t think you need until you find yourself before a project hat seems too large for you to handle. It is amazing to think how an organisation needs both a creative and a business aspect to it, but the analyst is what unites both, by helping the company see where it is at and where it can go if  these two work together. No big scale business would work efficiently if it weren’t for the contribution of the strategic eye of the IT analyst. Their job consists on compiling the information of the past and the facts of the present in order to make an effective plan for the future to deliver even better results.

A needed connection and a process 

Apart from reading into and helping develop strategies for the business, an IT analyst also helps the company connect to whoever they need in order to fill the gap. This could be a connection to stores who sell equipment needed, it could also be connecting to web developers or app developers and even network architects. This is also a great aspect of the job, for the analyst doesn’t have to be the solution for everything, but it definitely needs to have a problem solving mind that will do the process of finding the solutions needed. Their job can be seen as that of a facilitator in a certain aspect, so overall what they would do is look at the systems in place in a company, analyse their strength and weaknesses and see how they can turn such weaknesses into strengths. Once the new system has been developed it is time for the company to implement it, test it and for the analyst to follow up and make sure that the chosen system has no errors or bugs. It they encounter issues, their job would be to ensure it is fixed but once everything is up and running and after a period of trial the job of the analyst could very well be finished, for now.

IT analyst can work in periods, long contracts or project based but no matter what their contract looks like their job description will include some of the above tasks. It is a fun job for those people who love finding improvements and helping people reach their goals. So if you find yourself in this category, why not venture into this aspect of the technological world?

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