Advantages Of Work Traveling

Not everyone gets the opportunity of traveling around the country or even around the world. But going even further, not everyone gets the opportunity of traveling for work!

Advantages of work traveling

Work traveling is amazing, and even though it can get exhausting at times, it brings with it a lot of experiences and advantages you might want to hear about. You might have a job that is purely based on traveling, or a job that occasionally gives you the opportunity to do so.

Breaking the routine

If you are used to work in an office, traveling once in a while for a different kind of job, will definitely help you get inspired. For some, even waking up knowing they won’t spend their day at an office, but in a different city, makes their day. You might find airport lines annoying, but hey, what about the flying hours in which you get to relax and if you are lucky enough have a nap?

Maybe your job already involves consistent trips around the country or globe. But hey! You don’t always get to go to the same places, so why not take advantage of every new experience you get to have?  Every place you visit comes with its own people, experiences, history, charm, and memories.

Extra time for preparation

If your job involves consistent traveling, you might want to take advantage of that traveling time you have. Find it hard to focus in an office? Do you have a sudden burst of creativity? Don’t let it go pass you! Use those flight hours to smash the tasks you have left.

If you have no one to chat with and even better, if your plane doesn’t have great entertainment, maybe this is the best way to go to be productive. Always make sure you take your laptop and schedule with you in case you decide it is time to get some stuff done.

Maybe you want to relax and continue learning at the same time. Have you considered reading a book during your flight? John Maxwell has a wide range of leadership books that are sold almost at every airport. So why not try it out?

Make money without spending

When you travel at work, all your expenses like accommodation, transport and food are usually covered. This allows you to take a mini holiday in the midst of all the business of life.

You will not only be paid to travel, but your traveling will be paid for. How great is that?! Always make sure that when you travel you ask for receipts, because some companies might ask you to pay for your expenses and give you the option of being reimbursed later.

Getting closer with teammates

I remember school trips were fun, mainly because you experienced them with your classmates and friends. Why does it have to be different at work? Traveling as a team gives you the opportunity of getting closer with the people you work with, getting to know them and work together.

If you have the time, try to schedule a day out with them, go to a bar or restaurant or maybe even take a city tour! There is nothing better than making good memories with good people.

Cultural enrichment

You never know how awesome this world is until you get out of your own world. Some companies send their workers overseas to work alongside people from another culture. This happens with companies that have many locations around the world.

Getting to know other cultures, will help you learn about work ethic, methods, structure, language, traditions and even discipline. You will also get to learn what is socially acceptable in different places and all of this knowledge will help you appreciate what you have and what others can bring to the table.

Where can I find this type of jobs?

Amongst the people who get to travel for work we can find flight attendants, business people, freelance photographers, bloggers, writers, journalists, tv producers, music producers, actors, chefs, artists, personal assistants, translators, drivers, and many other examples.

Some of them like photographers and videographers, may be paid to travel instead of being paid with money directly, but sometimes they might get both, travel expenses and working fee (which is completely fair). People in the creative industry get to travel to create advertisement campaigns, shoot movies or produce music, tour around the world with a show or with a specific event. Bloggers are also infamous for blogging while travelling.

As a tip, whatever you do, if you travel for work, make the most out of it! If you have the chance to work with people who have more experience than you, learn from them! Absorb everything you can that will be useful for you in the future.

Tell us! What are some other benefits of working and travelling for that purpose. Have you had any good or bad experiences with it?


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